The Girl Who Dreamed of Paris 4 (Chapters 5 – 6)


Cora’s curiosity shows her off.

While in the hat shop, she notices that Dieter has a key, and eager to know what he hides, she steals the key from his pocket when they kiss. The key has a tag with just a name “Von Silberstrom” and flat one on it. Cora doesn’t know who this von Silberstrom is, and now she wonders how she will return the key to Dietrich. She falls asleep, and she dreams that her father is there. Waking up, she finds Dietrich there, and it is in this moment that Cora comes face to face with the truth. Dietrich knows she took the key and calls her Cora, and he tells her that he knows that her name is Cora Masson and is fleeing from a violent man. When she appeared in Victoria Station, looking the worse for wear, Dietrich sent his manservant to find out who she really was, and the man, who Dietrich says was a former policeman, discovered Cora’s real identity. Dietrich now wants the truth, and Cora tells him everything, about her work in the hat factory, about the races, and about finding her father and Sheila together, and how she saw a part in the shed that sank, which makes her suspect that her father killed her mother and buried her there. Dietrich tells her that if she suspects that she needs to return and discover the truth, but Cora begs him to let her stay in Paris. She knows that her father will kill her, and she won’t have any defence when he is walking out with a policewoman. Dietrich eventually agrees, but he tells her that if this is what she wants, she has to erase everything that belonged to her past life. She needs to improve her French, and Dietrich gets her new documents about her new identity as Coralie.

Then one day he takes her to the apartment whose key she stole. The apartment is full of paintings, and Dietrich tells her that this apartment belongs to Ottilia, and what he is doing is to work as an middle-man. Some of the paintings were bought in England, and he needs to transfer them to Germany. What he wants is for Coralie to help him because he suspects that someone has been stealing some small pieces, and he wants to empty the apartment and make sure the paintings reach their destination.

I suspect that Cora might be pregnant. When she goes for a fitting at the fashion salon, the designer tells her that she has put on three centimetres on the waist, but she chalks it up to the good food she is eating. Yet, she doesn’t consider she might be pregnant. If she is pregnant, what will she do? Will Dietrich make her have an abortion? Will she keep the baby? Dietrich keeps hinting that he is teaching her to be useful because there will be a time when he will have to go and leave her. Will he beg gone by the time she discovers she is pregnant?


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