The Girl Who Dreamed of Paris 3 (Chapters 4 – 5)


I have a bad feeling about Dietrich.

Cora is smitten with him, but I think that he is using her for his own pleasure. We have seen that he can be hard when he doesn’t like something. Cora could believe she is living a fairy tale, being pampered and spoilt, but I think she knows this will be short-lived. Dietrich is quite secretive, and when he tells her things, I have the feeling that he is hiding much more. Cora is quite different to him, and even though she has lying about who she is, she is quite transparent in other respects and blurts out the first thing that comes to her mind.

Now Cora is experiencing sheer jealousy, not of his wife, but of the other women who might be like her. Dietrich explains that Ottilia owns the shop where the hat that Cora was wearing that day at the races; actually, Cora discovers that the hat that she was wearing had belonged to Ottilia, but then she gave her to her maid who must have sold it. There is no doubt that Ottilia is very wealthy, but Cora still doesn’t know what relationship she has with Dietrich, and she is really jealous. I thought that Dietrich might be a Nazi, but now I realize that he can’t be if he is friends with Ottilia, who we know is a Jew, and he also makes a vague comment about Mosley. I’m quite intrigued and curious about Dietrich, and what he is hiding.


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