High Tide 4 – The End (Pages 207 – end)




The end is happy for all the characters.

Vanessa mediates with Nathan’s ex-boss when Nathan’s grandfather comes to her shop and blames her for his grandson losing his job. So Vanessa talks to the boss and forces her to reinstate Nathan. Then Nathan buys flowers for her to thank her, but she is not in. Then one day when it is raining heavily and he and his grandfather are taking the boat out of the sea, he sees her in the house terrace, getting soaked to the skin and worried. When he goes to her, she tells him that she has seen her cat jump to the sea. They can’t find the poor cat, and the instant they return inside the house, they fall into each other’s arms, and from that moment they become a couple, and Vanessa tells herself that she shouldn’t care what people say about their age difference or how soon they have hooked up after Spencer’s death.

There is a minor character, Vanessa’s mother, Squirrel. She was always against Spencer, thinking that he wasn’t the man her daughter deserved. She didn’t want Vanessa to be just a trophy wife. It is Squirrel who tells her to go for Nathan and find some happiness with a man who can be her equal. Through Squirrel we know that she and Vanessa split up many years ago because the man was an alcoholic, and for her her daughters were her priority. Now for some reason she decides to find her husband’s whereabouts, and when she learns he is in France, she decides to go to him, and when they meet, we understand that they get back together.

Sam also finds his happiness with Alexa. After the children set them up, they realise they are good together, so they became an item, taking thins slow as they had the children to think of.

Kate finally finds the man who had loved her mother, and she tells him about her mum passing away. She also has dinner with Rupert Malahide. What happened between them was some misunderstanding. Rupert had a reputation of being a womanizer, but during a party despite Debbie’s warnings Kate got together with him. He invited her to his brother’s birthday the next week, and Kate was excited with nerves for the day in question, but she didn’t dare to contact him at all, fearing to be seen as too pushy. Then the day she dressed in a sexy dress, and when she got to the party, she realised she wasn’t dressed properly, and those there hinted that she could well be a prostitute, and the last blow was to see Rupert and another girl together. During dinner this time Rupert wants to apologise for what happened years ago, and he explains that he thought she wasn’t interested as she hadn’t contacted him all week.

Kate and Rupert had a nice dinner together, and when he drives her home, she is reluctant to be alone, so Rupert suggests she could crash in his big house. So she does in one of the spare rooms. Rupert and Kate say their goodbyes. Kate is supposed to leave for New York, but when she is at the airport, she realises that she doesn’t want to return to her old life, and instead she decides to stay in Pennfleet. Kate runs into Rupert again at a local party, and he finally confesses how much he wants her, and we understand that they are finally together.

It was a nice read. I liked the characters and the stories.


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