High Tide 3 (Pages 70 – 207)


We get to know more about the characters, and we meet a few new.

After Spencer’s funeral, Vanessa doesn’t want to hang out with his friends, his children and his ex-wife, who still consider her a money-digger. So when she gets into the limousine that the funeral company has organised, she asks the driver to take her to a pub. The driver is Nathan Fisher, a young man who lives with his grandfather and makes his living by working for the limousine company and also in his own business, taking tourists on his boat. Vanessa and Nathan go to the pub; Vanessa just wants to get drunk, as she drinks her wine, she and Nathan get talking. Then a few hours later they go outside for some fresh air. Vanessa is tipsy and as she looks at the starred sky, she feels maudlin and asks him to kiss her. They kiss, and their kiss turns passionate, and it is Nathan who stops. When Vanessa asks him to get her another drink and he returns to the pub, she realises what she has done and how embarrassing it is, so she leaves before she returns.

The following day both Vanessa and Nathan can’t stop thinking about each other. It is only Vanessa who does something to approach Nathan when she finds his number in a leaflet for his boat excursions and leaves him a text, thanking him. Nathan doesn’t know what to do, but reasoning that he shouldn’t get more complications, he decides not to reply and deletes the number.

Kate is trying to sort out her mother’s house so that she can put it on the market. As she is checking her mother’s belongings, she finds a letter in her handbag. The letter comes from a man who tells her that he has decided he can’t see her anymore. The man sounds sensitive and honest, as he tells her that Joy has been a real help for him, and she has fallen in love with her, but since he is married, he thinks it wouldn’t be fair for Joy or for his wife, who we learn has dementia. Kate then gets to learn that there is a man who loved her mother. The identity of the man is a mystery as the letter is signed with just his initial R, and when he mentions his wife, he also uses her initial P. Like Kate, I wonder who this man is, and I think Kate is going to try to find out.

Apart from that, Kate is using these days to consider her life. As she rummages through her mother’s and her past belongings, she gets to realise that she was a happy girl, and there is little left of that girl. I think Kate is too focused on her job, and I imagine that she must feel quite lonely in New York with no family and there is no mention of close friends.

As for Sam, his children have decided to register him on a online dating site. When his profile is liked and messages sent to his account, Daisy and Jim go through them, but they find fault in every woman. Then they see one of the more recent profiles, and Jim says that there is one who is nice, and Daisy realises that it is Oscar’s mother, Alexa. Oscar is the boy who Daisy has gone on a date with recently, and she has met his mother, who she thinks is lovely. Sam was worried when Daisy went out with Oscar when Daisy told him that Oscar’s father is in prison for some drug-dealing business, but Daisy promised that Oscar was not like his dad, and he and his family were in Pennfleet to escape from that. Now as Jim and Daisy think that Alexa could be perfect for their fahter, they realise they can’t simply tell him that they have registered him on a dating site. So they decide to set them up; Daisy will tell Sam that Alexa wants to see him to reassure her that everything is okay with Oscar, and at the same time Daisy will tell Alexa that her father wants to meet her. I wonder how this will pan out in the end.


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