High Tide 2 (Pages 62 -70)


Joy’s funeral has finished.

Those attending the funeral come to Kate to offer their condolences. One of the mourners is Rupert Malahide. It is obvious that there was something going on between Kate and Rupert. Maybe she was smitten with him, and he just didn’t find her interesting. Now as they talk, Rupert asks Kate to have dinner with him, and after he tells her he is now divorced, Kate accepts promptly. In her thoughts Kate tells herself that she isn’t the ordinary girl she used to be and now she has a successful career to boast about with Rupert. I think that this is Kate’s problem. I have the impression that when she was young, she kept measuring herself against other people, and that is why she kept pushing herself. Now she admits she doesn’t recognise the girl she used to be, and I think she doesn’t like herself much now either. I hope that Kate learns her lesson and finds in her heart to forgive her shortcomings and accept herself.


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