Goodnight, Beautiful 6 (Pages 267 – 317)



Nova’s family and Meredith finally arrive after she tells them how ill Leo is. It is when the doctor is talking to Nova that her parents and Cordy find out that Mal is Leo’s father. The doctor asks her if there is any family history in brain haemorrhaging, and she tells him that Leo’s paternal died of brain haemorraging and his father regularly has scans. The doctor tells her that Leo’s condition is not improving, actually he is deteriorating, but Nova won’t accept that. We know that the reason why Leo is in a coma is because he fell off his bike, and when his nose couldn’t stop bleeding, Nova took her to the hospital where the medical staff discovered that there was a blood vessel in his brain about to burst, and he needed to have surgery.

Now Nova feels upset, not just for her boy’s condition but also because she feels she has betrayed her family by keeping Leo’s father a secret. She simply told them that the father wasn’t around. The only one who knew was Meredith, but they never talked about it directly, just going around the subject without mentioning Mal. Now when Meredith talks to Nova, she tells her that she thinks Mal needs to know. She also says that she has seen Steph, shown her photographs and how she cried. Nova doesn’t want to even hear the woman’s name. I have to say that Nova is unfair. I can understand that she is angry, and Steph is not a saint. It was her who pushed her to become pregnant and then she and Mal left her high and dry. However, Nova and Mal are not innocent. It was Mal who was her friend, not Steph, and if her friendship meant so much to him, he would have tried to sort out things. I really don’t understand why Mal decided to go along Steph’s condition; she gave her the possibility to leave and have Nova and the baby, but he chose her. Doe she really love her? I really don’t know. Does he feel guilty and responsible? I think he does, and maybe that is why he wanted to offer her his sacrifice.


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