New Book – Goodnight, Beautiful by Dorothy Koomson (Pages 1-31)


Publishing year: 2008

I love Dorothy Koomson’s books, so I am sure I will enjoy this one as well.

I have only read 30 pages, and so far we get a few facts but also many questions. The prologue is told from the perspective of a woman, unnamed, who is worried about her husband who keeps crying in the room that was supposed to be a nursery. The woman mentions Nova, a woman we understand her husband  was in a relationship with, and the narrator talks about an unborn child, and something she did or said that caused something terrible. The prologue leaves us with many questions. What is the loss this woman talks about? Whose unborn baby does she mention? Is it hers? There is a nursery in the room, or is it Nova’s? And what did she do? Why does her husband blame her and himself, and why does she blame Nova?

In the following chapters we don’t know if these take place before or after the prologue chronologically. We get to know Nova who is in hospital as her seven-year-old son is in a coma in hospital. He has suffered an aneurysm, and after the operation he has been in a coma for two weeks. Nova is married to Keith, who is a policeman, and we learn that their relationship has been full of break-ups, the last of which took place eight years ago, and then they got back together three years later. Now that they are going through this terrible time, Nova thinks that their relationship is in a vulnerable state. I wonder how what we have learnt about Nova with the woman and man in the prologue. We don’t know if these chapters are a flashback and what we learn in the prologue happens afterwards.

There is another chapter about another woman, who remains unnamed, and I think she is the same as the one in the prologue. Now we know that her husband is Mal, and in this chapter she is in the gym, and as she is in the toilet, a couple of women keep talking about her, about her fitness and her handsome husband. This woman strikes me as very insecure, and in her musings we learn that since she was young, she has been the victim of gossip and insults. When she was younger, people think of her as a loose woman, and her mother, who is quite pious, always resorted to prayer as a defence. I am curious about this woman too; I think she demands too much from herself, and she can’t accept criticism. Maybe all this will be reflected in her relationship with her husband and the world.

Very intriguing start. I am very curious to know more.


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