The Woman Who Met her Match 6 – The End (Chapters 31 – end)




Lorrie’s trip to Nice proves to be a turning point for her. She realises that Antoine has been a fantasy, and when faced with the reality, he is not the person she thought he was. While in France she gets to visit the old ladies that were the owners of the make-up company she works for. Despite being in another country, these two women always tried to know their employees, and when Lorrie lost David, they let her have as much compassionate leave as she needed, and then they came to London and had dinner with her. The two sisters even encouraged her to call them if she was ever in France. So that is what she does now, and Lorrie tells her about how the company politics has changed drastically, and how she has been treated since. The two elderly women express their surprise, but since the company is no longer theirs, there is nothing they can do. What they explain to Lorrie that they are about to embark in a new project. They want to open some beauty salons where women could enjoy some solace and even have a drink with friends, and their plan is to open two salons in France and one in Nice.

When Lorrie returns home, her good mood is dampened by Stu’s absence as he has already moved in with Bob, his partner. Lorrie doesn’t understand why he has made this decision, and she feels that there is some other reason he hasn’t told her.

Her visit to the two sisters has given her confidence, so she arranges to meet Sonia, the CEO. So Lorrie doesn’t beat about the bush and tells her what the lawyer told her, and feeling cornered, Sonia calls someone from human resources. The woman who comes to the meeting seems to agree with Lorrie from the first, and we get the impression that there is some history between these two women. In any case, what happens is that Lorrie finally gets her job back and she doesn’t have to worry about it any longer. Yet, this new confidence that she feels now pushes her to write to the two French sisters, offering to work for them in the new beauty salons, and Lorry gets her reply in the last chapters, getting a thumbs-up from the two lovely ladies.

After sorting out her working problems, Lorrie has to put up with her mother’s wedding. She volunteers to decorate the club where the reception will take place as Marion complains that the place is too gloomy. Lorrie decides to make bunting herself, so she decides to use David’s old shirt, which she hasn’t been able to throw or give away. There is a very emotional moment when she calls Stu and sobs, so he comes over and comforts her. It is then that Lorrie feels a spark between them, but she chalks it up to her obvious fondness of her best friend.

Stu is finally able to accompany Lorrie to her mother’s wedding as her sister’s birthday has been cancelled. The wedding turns out to be beautiful, and Lorrie can’t stop the tears when she sees her mother and her new husband so in love. It is during the wedding that Cam tells her mother that he and his friend Mo are not just friends, but a couple, and Lorrie reacts happily.

Then the last chapter is what I expected. Finally, Stu confesses his feelings, telling her he is madly in love with her, and Lorrie also says she loves him. So they end up together, which I am glad.

I enjoyed the book. It was nice. I have to say, though, that there are parts that didn’t add much to the story and should have been left out. One example is Eric, the man Lorrie knows through Pearl as they both walks their dogs in the park. Eric is one of the men who have his profile on the new dating website Lorrie registers, and they go for a drink. I really think that Eric doesn’t add anything much, if anything, to the story. Another example is Cam’s confession of his sexuality, which I think would have been more interesting if Cam had had a major role in the novel. Apart from these cases, I liked the novel. It was a very nice read.


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