The Woman Who Met her Match 5 (Chapters 27 – 31)


Lorrie goes to France eagerly.

She is still worried about Stu moving out, but she feels more positive after talking to Pearl’s employer, who specialises in labour law. The woman tells her that she should take the company to court as she has been treated unfairly, and her dismissal goes against the company’s policy. So with this good news, Lorrie travels to Nice.

In Nice Antoine is waiting, and they enjoy a wonderful time together as they stroll through the town and visit several art galleries. In the evening Lorrie can’t wait to sleep with him, and as soon as they are in the apartment, they fall in each other’s arms. Lorrie is totally taken, and even though she wants to talk after they have made love, Antoine is only interested in sleeping.

The following morning she wakes up to find herself alone, and when she walks out of the room, Antoine is sprawled on the sofa reading a newspaper. He doesn’t make room for her to sit or offer her a coffee, and feeling that there is something wrong, she asks him. He says that he found her attitude in love making too eager. Naturally, Lorrie feels insulted, and the conversation escalates to a full-blown row as Antoine hints that she would look better if she lost some weight. Lorrie is furious and then just storms out of the apartment. I think this is not unexpected. Lorrie doesn’t know this man as her only impressions come when they were both teenagers, and even then, they didn’t really get to know each other. I think Lorrie’s eagerness to be appreciated by a man has made her rush into something that she had magnified in her dreams. I wonder if they will make up, but I have the hunch that Lorrie will realise that Antoine is not the prince charming she thought he was.


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