The Woman Who Met her Match 4 (Chapters 20 – 27)


Lorrie isn’t disappointed when she goes to meet Antoine.

He is all courteous and keeps complimenting her, and she is swept off her feet once again. They end up kissing before parting, and then when they meet the following day for a picnic at Hyde Park they share some more kisses. Antoine tells her that she should go and visit him in Nice, but she demurs, reasoning she can’t leave her children.

After that, things change. Lorrie feels Stu is acting strangely, and then one night he goes on a delivery and he doesn’t sleep at home. Lorrie is concerned, and the following morning Stu appears, and Lorrie guesses that he has hooked up with a customer, Ginny. Lorrie teases him and they laugh, but when she leaves for work, she admits that she feels uncomfortable about something she can’t put her finger on. I think these two have been in love with each other, but they have confused friendship with love. I don’t know how Lorrie has never stopped to think about her feelings for Stu, but I imagine that since he has been around all the time, she has never had the chance to miss him.

Things come to a head when the CEO wants to talk to Lorrie. Apart from Sonia, there are two other men, and Lorrie fears the worst. She is right as it is clear that they don’t want Lorrie in the company, explaining that Lorrie doesn’t reflect the young image they want. In short, they imply that she is too old, so their propositions is for her either to accept a redundancy package and become unemployed or accept a job in another company of the holding which makes chicken broth cubes. Sonia, the CEO, tells her she can take the rest of the week off. Lorrie is broken, and her friends, Pearl and Stu, try to encourage her to do something about it, but Lorrie thinks there isn’t much she can do to fight this big company.

What Lorrie decides on the spur of the moment is to go to Nice and see Antoine. Amy is going on holiday to Portugal with her best friend and her family, and Lorrie knows that Cam can look after himself. So she books a flight to Nice, and Antoine tells her that he is looking forward to seeing her.

After taking Amy to the airport and bidding her goodbye, Lorrie is worried about telling Stu about her travelling plans. She knows that somehow Stu has problems with her and Antoine, and she has no idea why. When she gets home, Stu has already seen her boarding card. He tells her that he hopes that she has a lovely time, but Lorrie doesn’t feel any warmth in his words, and then he gives her some shocking move. He is moving out, justifying that it would be more convenient for him to live with Bob, his partner in the business. Lorrie tries to persuade him to change his mind, but Stu is adamant. He won’t live with Lorrie and her children any more, and then he also tells her that he has seen Ginny, the woman who he spent the night with. It is clear that Stu is moving out for one reason: he loves Lorrie and can’t stand the idea of her and Antoine together. But then why doesn’t he tell her anything? I imagine that he is afraid of losing her friendship if she turns him down, but in this way I think he is going to lose her too.

I hope that Antoine and Lorrie don’t end up together. As I mentioned in a previous entry, I have nothing against Antoine, but I like Stu much more. I wonder what will happen in Nice with Lorrie and Antoine. Maybe she’ll realise that she is only infatuated with a dream of youth, and not with the real Antoine, because after all, she doesn’t know him at all.


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