The Woman Who Met her Match 3 (Chapters 17 – 20)


Poor Lorrie is a saint for having to put up with her pushy mother.

She agrees to go shopping for a new dress for her wedding, and Marion keeps criticising Lorrie at every opportunity. It must be sad to realise that your mother is not proud of you, and uses every chance she has to point out your flaws. Marion is also quite ridiculous, going on for the tightest dresses, which are not suitable for a woman her age even if she has a trim body. In the end, Marion agrees to buy a dress that Lorrie suggests. Then they go to the venue Lorrie has managed to find for the wedding. It is clear that Marion doesn’t like it as she wants something grander, but since Hamish, her fiancé, is there, she finally comes round.

That evening Lorrie is to meet Antoine. I think it is cute when she tells Stu and he acts a bit weird. I think he is jealous, and I think that he values their friendship too much, and I imagine that is the reason why he has never talked to Lorrie about love. Yet, I imagine that in the end Stu and Lorrie will end up together. In the meantime, Lorrie has gone to meet Antoine. She keeps saying that it is just a drink with someone she used to know, but I think deep down she is excited and if something were to happen, she wouldn’t put up a fight, and I have the impression that Antoine wants more than friendship.


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