The Woman Who Met her Match 2 (Chapters 10 – 17)


Things are going to change for Lorrie.

Getting contacted by Antoine has filled her with a mixture of feelings. Then when he tells her he’s coming to London and wants to have a drink with her, Lorrie can’t turn him down. I am not sure what will happen between the two of them, but I am not very keen on Antoine. I have nothing against him because we don’t really know him other than for the fact that he broke Lorrie’s young heart thirty years ago. Despite this, I have my reservations, and I think the reason is because the one I like for Lorrie is Stu. He is such a sweet, good man, and I have the hunch that he has never considered approaching Lorrie with romantic notions because of what happened when they kissed at sixteen, and neither of them mentioned that kiss again out of embarrassment.

The second thing that will bring changes to Lorrie’s life is her job. A new company has taken over the beauty business Lorrie has been working for for years. The new CEO, Sonia, worries more about profit than a good service, and she delivers a speech to all employees working in the different branches, instructing that the main thing is profit, so this means limited time to talk to the customers and do everything to sell the products. That doesn’t sit well with Lorrie and the other employees, and when Lorrie is asked to give the little talk, and she has no problems to explain her feelings about these changes. Then on Saturday when she is working, Sonia, the CEO, comes to watch her and the other girls, and Sonia is not happy with seeing Lorrie talking to some customers. So the woman gives Lorrie a lecture, so Lorrie has to eat humble pie and accept what Sonia tells her to do because she needs the job.

Another character that gives Lorrie a hard time is her mother, Marion. We know that Marion was the one who decided to divorce Lorrie’s father, but she keeps talking about her ex-husband as she were the victim, so Lorrie has to bite her tongue. Lorrie’s father met an Australian woman after Marion kicked him out of the house, and he moved to Australia, so what Marion doesn’t seem able to forgive is that her ex-husband is now happy with his new wife. At present Marion is preparing his wedding with a man ten years her senior, and she comes to Lorrie with a drama as the big mansion, belonging to her fiancé’s  where she was supposed to have the reception, but now the roof has been blown off and she finds this situation totally daunting. It is Lorrie who tries to help her mother, but I have to say that Marion doesn’t deserve a good daughter like Lorrie. There is an episode in which Marion comes to dinner, and when she drinks a bit too much, she starts recriminating Lorrie for working and leaving her children alone. Marion is quite hurtful even though she knows about Lorrie’s situation as a single parent. I feel so sorry for Lorrie. She is a lovely woman, and it is such a pity that her mother doesn’t value the kind of daughter she has.


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