New Book – The Woman Who Met her Match by Fiona Gibson (Prologue – chapter 10)


Publishing year: 2017

The main character in this book is Lorrie.

We first get to know her in 1986 when she is sixteen. That summer her mother packs her  off to France to stay with her penfriend Valerie. Lorrie is not happy about it, but things improve as she manages to become friends with Valerie’s friends. Then the following week Antoine, Valerie’s friend, comes from a camping trip, and he and Lorrie become inseparable. Both Lorrie and Antoine claim they are in love, and Lorrie is miserable when she has to leave. They promise to visit each other soon. After the summer there are letters that start to dwindle as time goes by. Then Lorrie gets a letter from Valerie, telling her that Antoine has fallen in love with her friend Nicole, and this is something Valerie thinks Lorrie should know. Lorrie is miserable and heartbroken after that.

The book then moves forward in times, and it is thirty years later. Lorrie is a single mother. She has two teenage children, Cam (17) and Amy (15), and we learn that her children’s father, David, died when he was on his way to the free licence for a bottle of wine, requested by Lorrie, and a car run him over. It is seven years after David died, and Lorrie lives with just her two children, and Stu, an all-time friend, who after splitting up with his girlfriend, moved with Lorrie as a lodger. Now Lorrie’s children and Stu think it is time for Lorrie to meet someone, and they register her on a dating site, but the dates she goes on are a disaster, so Lorrie eventually unregisters and gives up.

Then suddenly she gets a facebook friend request from Antoine, the boy from France. Even though it has been 30 years, Lorrie gets nervous and is still upset for what happened back then. When Antoine finally gets to talk to her on instant messaging, he sends her photographs of the two of them back then. He explains that he is divorced and also has two teenage children, and he mentions that the time they were together was when he came to life. Lorrie doesn’t know how to react to this, and he can’t help but tell him that he has to remember he broke her heart then.

I don’t know what will happen with Antoine. I have the feeling that Stu also likes Lorrie. We know that they have been friends forever, and they kissed once when they were drunk, but they have never mentioned that again. Maybe Stu has had a crutch for Lorrie for years. Or maybe Antoine will prove that something happened thirty years ago and Lorrie doesn’t really have the whole truth about the matter.


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