The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp 5 (Chapter 17-22)



Lucy and Tara land in London. I have to say that it is a bit sad to see that this trip will change Tara forever, and the naive, innocent girl she is will die in London and change into something like the rest of the characters we see in London. I guess that she will turn into somebody very alike Matilda, who in Cornwall was all innocence.

In London Tara meets Clover, the woman who owns Napier house and will try to change her. There is something that has already changed in her; Billy has come up with a new name for her, Cherry Merrywell. The next stage is to change the way she dresses, and Clover takes her to a boutique run by the girl who Tara met that summer she met Inigo. Charlotte was Inigo’s sister’s friend, but like Inigo she doesn’t remember Tara. In the conversation Clover and Charlotte have, Tara realises that this is a world she doesn’t know anything about. They talk about sex without any embarrassment, and Clover seems to go through men shamelessly. The two women give Tara a roll-up, and she soon discovers that it is not a normal cigarette, and soon she is stoned. I feel that if all this has happened in just a few hours, I fear how Tara can change in all the days she is to stay in London.

Lucy appears at the boutique with a new look. She has cut her hair very short like Audrey Hepburn, I imagine, and then using a dress that Tara has ruined when she tripped up, Clover and Charlotte dress Lucy in the black lace, making the skirt very short, and even though Tara is shocked, it seems that this is the attire that Lucy will be wearing at the party they are going later. I wonder what will happen with her marriage after her stay in London. We know that things are not blissful with Raoul, and Lucy explains that she read a letter from Raoul to his brother, telling him that he really cared that Lucy can’t have children. So I think Lucy is disappointed and hurt, so I have the feeling that with Lucy’s personality she won’t bother to keep faithful to her husband if the opportunity arises.


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