The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp 4 (Chapter 16)



During the dinner with Matilda and her new husband, Billy, there is another guest, who Tara recognises at once. It is Inigo Wallace, the boy Tara thought she loved when she was ten, and when the big house he lived with his mother burnt down, he moved to America with her and her new husband. Now Inigo is a famous composer, and Billy wants to use some of his songs for Tara’s record. Inigo doesn’t seem to recognise Tara, and that fills Tara with mixed feelings. She is relieved he doesn’t remember her because she is still mortified by the fact that she was caught after stealing the small wooden elephant Inigo got from his father. Yet, she is also a bit upset that she didn’t make any impression on the boy as he doesn’t remember her at all. I think that it is natural for Inigo not to remember her because Tara was ten at the time, and she surely doesn’t look the same now. This addition is interesting. I wonder if Tara and Inigo will fall in love, or otherwise, she will be heartbroken.


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