The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp 2 (Chapters 5-8)


After their first encounter, Lucy and Matilda become inseparable.

Matilda is a pretty girl with excellent manners, and Lucy tries to teach her her ways and, and as she says, corrupt her. Yet, even though Lucy tries to get her drinking and smoking, Matilda refuses, but she is happy to have found a friend like Lucy. Even when Matilda goes to boarding school, she and Lucy keep in contact by writing long letters or by telephone.

When Matilda is eighteen and leaves school, one day she goes to France for an uncle’s birthday. When she returns, something has changed. She tells Tara and Lucy that she has met someone and is in love. His name is Raoul, and he’s half Spanish. Lucy is smitten, and then she says that he is coming to stay with them for a month. Raoul is studying architecture in Bristol, and Matilda’s mother has asked him to come to Trellanack and write about the house. Matilda thinks this is an excuse her mother has as she wants to set her up with Raoul. As soon as Matilda says that the boy is coming I fear the worst, and I wasn’t wrong.

When Raoul finally arrives and meets Tara and Lucy, it is clear that he is impressed by Lucy, and we see how Matilda tries to make an impression on him, and as Tara comments, her efforts are in vain as everyone could see that Raoul is in love with Lucy. Oh poor Matilda. I am afraid Lucy won’t mind stepping over Lucy to get this boy, who I think she is not indifferent to either. So Lucy and Matilda’s friendship is doomed.


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