A Lady in the Smoke 7 – The End (Chapters 42-end)




I loved the ending. After the hearing, Tom Flynn goes to find Elizabeth. She is alone at home since her uncle is in London, James in Manchester, her mother still in bed, and her aunt preparing their trip to Scotland. Elizabeth is shocked when she sees that his face is all bruised, he has a broken lip and a black eye. Tom tells her that Shaw’s men were waiting for him, but thanks to her warning, he had a club so he was able to defend himself. Then he tells her that after the hearing Hayes and Shaw were arrested and the railway company has been reopened. Tom also admits that he owes a lot to her, especially an apology for not taking her seriously and a thank you. After that, he gives her a gift from Paul. It is the ring that he wore in the chain around his neck, and Tom tells her that Paul is leaving for Philadelphia in a few days. So Elizabeth makes a sudden decision. She wants to be with Paul, so Tom takes her to Paul’s rooms in an inn, and although Paul is annoyed with Tom for bringing Elizabeth at first, she makes him understand that she wants to be with him. Elizabeth tells her about her mother and her uncle Charles, and in the end she  states she wants to be with him. Paul is leaving for Philadelphia as he has been offered a job in a hospital, so Elizabeth is going to leave with him, not caring what her family and other people will say.

I loved the book. I got a bit lost in all the mess with the railway companies, but it was interesting. And I enjoyed the romance between Paul and Elizabeth very much.


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