Summerland – Facts


The action in this novel revolve around the accident in which Penny dies. The accident takes place in Cisco Beach, Nantucket.

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Jordan, Jake, and Ava Randoph go to live in Fremantle, Perth. Fremantle  is a major Australian port city in Western Australia, located at the mouth of the Swan River. Fremantle Harbour serves as the port of Perth, the state capital.

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Zoe met her children’s father and her husband when she was studying at the Culinary Intistute of America. The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is an American private not-for-profit college specializing in culinary and baking and pastry arts education. The school’s primary campus is located in Hyde Park, New York.

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The moment that started a closer relationship between Jordan and Zoe was the Christmas stroll. In 1973, the founders of the original Nantucket Christmas Stroll were merely trying to prevent islanders from escaping to Cape Cod, 26 miles across the Sound, to do their holiday shopping. That year, in an effort to keep shoppers on the island to shop local, merchants kept their stores open late the first Friday in December. That initial Stroll, christened by merchants as a “Christmas Shoppers Stroll” a mere three hours in duration, was proclaimed a huge success. Shopkeepers entertained shoppers with wine, hot chocolate, tea, mulled cider, fruitcake, and holiday cookies while they perused crafts, books, clothes and wares, and other holiday gift items. In subsequent years, the event grew exponentially, drawing larger crowds until it became a nationally- and, ultimately, internationally-renowned holiday event. Now, more than 40 years later, Nantucket Christmas Stroll is still held the first full weekend of December every year.

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When Ava talks to Jordan about divorce, they are on Rottnest Island. Rottnest Island is an island off the coast of Western Australia, located 18 kilometres  west of Fremantle. A sandy, low-lying island formed on a base of limestone, Rottnest is an A-class reserve, the highest level of protection afforded to public land.

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While on Rottnest, Avan mentions a native animal called quokka.  The quokka  the only member of the genus Setonix, is a small macropod about the size of a domestic cat. Like other marsupials in the macropod family (such as kangaroos and wallabies), the quokka is herbivorous and mainly nocturnal. Quokkas can be found on some smaller islands off the coast of Western Australia, in particular on Rottnest Island just off Perth and Bald Island near Albany.

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