Summerland 5 – The End (Pages 242 – end)




The last part of the book is told by other characters.

First, there is Ava, who comes to realise that what she wants and her family want are two different things. We learn that Ava has known about Zoe and Jordan for a long time when she found a note in the car from Zoe. At first, she was angry and wanted to confront Jordan, but then she didn’t care. When they finally made it to Australia, she realised that this is where she is happy, but she has lost her husband. His refusal in bed was a real eye-opener. So she decides to talk to him, so despite his protests, they go on a day trip together. I found Jordan’s attitude so childish and he never makes the smallest effort to enjoy the trip or his wife’s company. Then Ava comes up with the truth; she wants to adopt a Chinese daughter by herself, and she wants a divorce. Jordan tries to protest, but Ava plays her trump card. She knows about him and Zoe. Ava makes the ultimate sacrifice, telling him to go back to Nantucket and take Jake with him because this is what their son wants. Jordan should go to Zoe, and Ava will stay in Australia with Jake visiting her regularly. So this is what happens in September. Jake and Jordan return, and when Jordan and Zoe finally see each other, it is clear that they will remain together.

The second point of view we see is Lynne. She keeps berating herself that she feels she is not a good mother to her daughter. Demeter has grown lonely, and Lynne thinks that there is something going on. So when Demeter is at work, she pops her door lock, reasoning she needs to clean, but in reality she wants to see if there is something wrong. Yet, Demeter catches her before Lynne can check the wardrobe where she keeps her stash of alcohol. Yet, the truth soon comes up. It is Zoe who catches Demeter stealing a couple of bottles from the family Zoe has been working as a private chef for. She tries to keep the matter as discreet as possible, but Demeter’s boss has to be told. The man calls Lynne and Al and tells them about the accusations from other clients as well, so Demeter is fired. Back at home Al and Lynne talk to her, but Demeter lies and lies, making up excuses. That night, though, Lynne cannot sleep as she knows that Demeter is lying, so she pops the door lock again. Demeter is sleeping, and there is a glass of water on her bedside table with a lime floating, and when she tastes the liquid she thought was water she realises that it is vodka, and when she checks the wardrobe there are dozens of empty bottles as well as full ones. Demeter wakes up at that moment, and she starts wailing as I imagine she knows there is no way out.

Lynne and Al call the doctor who advises them to send Demeter to a centre to treat her alcohol abuse. Demeter is an alcoholic at 17, and they need to deal with the problem. Demeter seems to accept the situation, and what she asks from her mother is to call Hobby as she has to talk to him. So in the end Demeter tells Hobby what she told Penny to make her upset. It was no surprise for me. Demeter did see Zoe and Jordan having sex, and she told Penny because she thought that by telling her they could bond and Demeter could help her deal with the problem, and that way they could be friends for real. Now Demeter feels guilty, thinking that she is the reason Penny killed herself. Hobby doesn’t know how to respond to this, and he just leaves. It is when Demeter is gone a few weeks that he keeps thinking that nobody is to blame but Penny herself. Either all of them were guilty or not, and what he realises is that her sister was sick, depressed. That is what he can understand from the diary entries he read. So he writes a letter to Demeter, telling her about his thoughts, and when Jake returns he also explains that he doesn’t have to feel guilty as Penny’s death had nothing to do with him. Yet, Hobby doesn’t tell him about Jake’s father and Zoe, which I think is a good thing to do.

As for Hobby, he is the father of the baby Claire is expecting. He knew about the pregnancy before the accident, and Claire wanted an abortion. Hobby, though, had doubts, and it is only when he had the accident that Claire decided that she couldn’t waste the life growing inside her. At the end of the book, Claire and Hobby are an official couple, and even though they are not sure where they will be in the future, they know they want the baby. Claire and Hobby will continue their education, as Zoe and Claire’s mother will help raise the child while their children are at college.

I liked the book even though I found many of the characters quite selfish and self-centred.


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