Summerland 4 (Pages 168-242)


I really feel quite annoyed at the Randolphs.

Their situation is quite sad, but they don’t do much to make it better. Now Jake and Jordan look down on Ava’s relatives, acting like the proud, presumptuous Americans they are and thinking that Ava’s siblings and other relatives are nothing but bumpkins. I really dislike those people who feel so superior, and don’t even bother to appreciate and get to know other people and cultures. Jordan claims that he has felt that way since the first and only visit he paid to Ava’s family. Stupid man!!! How can you form an opinion based on just one visit? How can he be this shallow? Is this the way the author is trying to portray Americans? I can understand that when you are not in your country, you miss it and feel homesick. I also lived abroad for years, and at the time I missed my friends, family, and other things from my home country, but I also appreciated and got to enjoy the things that my host country offered me. Jordan and Jake are not very nice in my opinion. So self-centred. And it is a pity that Jordan isn’t making any effort to save his marriage for real, and when Ava tries to engage him in some intimacy, he refuses her. That is honest, but why can’t they talk for real instead of fighting? I wonder how deep Jordan’s love for Ava really was at the time he claimed he loved her.

I don’t know if the great love story here is Jordan and Zoe, but I have to say that even though the love story is portrayed as something deep and even beautiful, I can’t root for them. This affair happened when Ava was mourning for her poor little baby, and even though I can understand that Jordan felt lonely and unloved, I just feel this is such a stereotype. I don’t know why. It is not that I am always against couples who are having an adulterous affair, but in this case I feel unable to root for them. I think it is because I like Ava, even though she isn’t much likeable either. He can be quite selfish as well even though she also accuses her husband of selfishness.

Demeter is getting into deep trouble. She keeps stealing bottles from the houses where she works with the landscaping company, and she admits to being drunk all the time because she likes how she feels. Yet, I think she might be found out soon. Some of the people have already noticed the missing bottles, and they even plan to go to the police. So Demeter is soon to finds herself in big trouble.

Now there is another issue that I imagine will be also central. Claire Buckley, one of the twins’ friends, is pregnant. She and her mother stayed with Zoe in Boston when Hobby was in a coma. I think Claire and Hobby dated for a while, and I wonder if the baby Claire is expecting is Hobby. Once Zoe asked her son if she thought of Claire the same way Penny thought of Jake, but Hobby just said that Claire was cool. I wonder how this new development will play.


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