Summerland 3 (Pages 117-168)


Things are not much better for Jordan and his wife Ava in Australia.

It seems the roles are reversed, and while Ava is really enjoying life, Jordan is bitter and snappy. I think that he is not making the effort to save their marriage. I guess that Jordan misses Zoe, and it is a pity that he seems to have given up on his marriage. To add salt to injury, Ava goes out one night with her friends, and then we learn that she has seen her ex-boyfriend. I really don’t understand this couple. Has their marriage meant so little that they they are ready to soil their marriage like that? I guess so.

We learn more about the relationship between Zoe and Jordan. In the beginning when she first moved to Nantucket, Zoe has a closer relationship with Ava. As a matter of fact, she met Jordan first, and she found him tremendously attractive. Yet, then she did her best to be friends with Ava, and they eventually became closer. That was before Ava’s baby died when she became a recluse and didn’t talk to anybody. So one night after work, Zoe decided to have a drink and in the bar she ran into Jordan. They went for a walk together, and then Jordan talked to her about his problems and how Ava blamed him for Ernie’s death as he hadn’t been at home that night, but at the office. Zoe and Jordan hug as she comforts him, and even though nothing happens then, I think this is the beginning of what later was a full-blown romance.

Apart from that, Demeter clearly has a drinking problem. Not only did she sneak in Zoe’s home when she was in Boston with Hobbie to steal her bottles of alcohol, but now that she is working in a landscaping company she has also dared to steal alcohol from the client’s house. I think she will get caught eventually and be in big trouble. Now we know for sure that what she told Penny is what got her so upset that she wanted to kill herself and even the others in the car as well. The only thing I can come up is that Demeter knew about Penny’s mother and Jake’s father and told Penny, but is that reason enough for her to get that upset? I don’t know.


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