This is Now 4 (Chapters 13-18)


It seems that there is an element that join the bank robbery, Tobias, Martha and even Roman together.

It is several charcoal drawings by an unknown author. Cillian sees a drawing of a nurse holding a wounded man pinned to a cork board in Lenny’s kitchen. Lenny is one of the suspects since Cillian discovered that he was the window cleaner for the family whose jeep was stolen. Something about the drawing reminds him of something, and then it comes to him. Martha has a similar one.

So Martha goes to the station with the painting. It was one of the things that Dan, her husband, left him before they split up. We know that her marriage was not a real one. Dan was very similar to her as he drank too much, and unlike Cillian he never commented on her drinking habits. So when they got together, they went to Las Vegas, and then instead of the jaunt to the Colorado Canyon, they decided to marry when they were clearly drunk. Not long afterwards did Martha realise that she had made a mistake and tried to find the way to have an annulment, but she soon forgot as she and Dan kept drinking and enjoying their fun. Yet, we know that the marriage only lasted two months, and maybe after that Martha decided to stop drinking. In any case, the drawing Dan leaves him is similar to the one Cillian saw in Lenny’s kitchen. The only information Martha has is that there is a series of ten or twelve drawings by the same unknown author, and some of them are really expensive.

We also have a reference to a similar drawing through Roman. The boy saw a similar picture in his friend Meadhbh’s living room. That is when he went to her birthday party. That night was complicated as Jimmy asked him to do a drop of one of his packages. Even though Roman tried to get out of it, explaining he had a party to go to, his attempts were in vain. So Roman went to the party. It is clear that Roman was infatuated with Meadhbh, and he told himself that later he would kiss her. Yet, things didn’t go as he hoped. Before anybody could miss him, he slid out of the house to do Jimmy’s job, and when he met the man he was supposed to give him the package, he told him he couldn’t pay, so Roman refused to give him the package and ran. When he finally reached Meadhbh’s house, he was breathless, so he stopped behind a car to get his breath back, and in the dark he saw a couple coming out of the house, holing hands and then kiss. When he realised that it was Meadhbh and Adam, Roman’s friend, he felt heartbreaking. The night’s problems weren’t over, and when he went to face Jimmy, he realised that he had lost the package, so contrary to what he thought Jimmy would do, the man reacted calmly, telling him that now he owed him and soon he would know how he would repay him. So I imagine that was what he was doing that day in the bank, paying Jimmy back.

Tobias keeps having his memories. After the death of his family, he flees to find a group of escapees as well. Then they return to Dresden and in the way they find a Polish airman, and the others pushed him to use his dad’s gun against the man, and even though it is clear Tobias doesn’t want to do it, he shoots and kills the man. Much later he is hurt when new bombs drop, and he is found by a nurse, Mary Murphy, who, despite the opposition of her colleagues, takes him to the military hospital and nurses back to health. I think Tobias is the author of those drawings in the novel, and the woman who appears in them is Mary Murphy, who is the one who helped him to get some life back.


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