This is Now 3 (Chapters 7-13)


As we learn more about Martha, it is clear why she is the way she is and why she has had those problems.

From her memories we learn that she is a twin, but her sister Amelia died at 4 as she was born with spina bifida. Since then, her mother has been obsessed with Amelia, and I even think that the presence of her dead sister has been more real to her mother than Martha herself. I have the feeling that Martha has never felt the love of her mother, and it is her dad who Martha felt closer to, and her father was an alcoholic, so I think in her admiration for her father Martha followed his steps. That is why her life turned the way it has, and she knows she ruined the best relationship she ever had.

Cillian is surprised when his girlfriend Stella turns up unannounced. It is obvious that he is not in love with her, and now her presence even annoys. I think Stella is the kind of woman who he feels is easy to be with as she doesn’t demand much. Yet, things seem to change, and Stella has started to act possessive and hinted that they could take a new step in their relationship, something that Cillian is clearly against it. I think he is still in love with Martha even though two years have passed since their breakup, and Martha is also in love with him.

Tara is still in hospital, and for some reason she doesn’t want to talk to Martha. She even has given up on her relationship with Mathilde, and even though Martha keeps telling her that she needs to contact her, Tara refuses.

As for the other characters, Mr Tobias Hartmann is still in a coma, but we can see how he can still feel and remember. So we see his memories of when he was a fourteen-year-old teenager in Dresden during the war. He was the eldest of four children. His mother had lost his husband, and she had to look after Tobias, her two sons, and her baby daughter. One night the bombs started to fall, and the family went to the shelter. When they were allowed to leave the shelter, Tobias went to help even though her mother was more than reluctant to let him go and even begged to stay. The city was all rubble, and when he went into a hospital, there was another explosion, and he ran with the boy, and when he reached his house, there was nothing but rubble. So that night Tobias lost everything, all his family.

Roman is finally arrested, and even though Cillian tries to talk to him, he won’t talk because he is afraid. We also learn a bit about what happened in the bank when Mr Hartmann opened the deposit box. Jimmy took all the money, and there was some kind of painting, and when Mr Hartmann protested when Jimmy took the painting,  the old man got up and Jimmy put the gun in the man’s head, and Roman tried to fight Jimmy and snatched the gun. I imagine that the gun went off and that is why Tobias was wounded.

We also learn why Roman got involved with Jimmy in the first place. His mother took a bad fall and had to have her arm in plaster. So she couldn’t work, and the debts didn’t stop. They had to pay the rent and also the bill for the hospital. So Roman went to talk to Jimmy, and he offered him a job as a delivery boy for his packages, which we understand contained drugs. I feel sorry for Roman and how this boy, who is honest and good at heart, was forced to deal with this kind of men who were ready to ruin Roman’s life.


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