New Book – Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand (Pages 1-8)


Publishing year: 2012

I have just read the prologue of this new novel.

The author explains the marvels and ordinary things in Nantucket. Then we are told that it is June, and the senior pupils in Nantucket High are all attending the graduation ceremony. We learn a few names. Penelope Alistair is a junior singing the national anthem, and in the public there is her twin brother Hobson, her mother, Zoe, her boyfriend, Jake Randolph, and Jake’s father, Jordan, who is the editor of the local magazine. We don’t know much about these characters, but at the end of the chapter the narrator tells us that this could be like any other day in Nantucket were it not for the fact that this was the night when Penelope Alistair was killed.

Wow!!! What a start!!! And so many questions that come up to my mind!!! I wonder what happened that night after the graduation ceremony. Were the characters mentioned involved in Penelope’s killing? I imagine there must be more characters we don’t know of yet. The only other name that is named in the prologue is Patrick Loom, another student, who was also giving a speech in the ceremony. I am dying to know more!!!


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