This is Now 2 (Chapter 7)


Martha decides to visit her friend Tara in hospital.

There she runs into Joan, who is Cillian’s sister. From the encounter it is now clear that the relationship between Martha and Cillian finished because of her drink problems. She remembers the time when she went to Joan’s baby’s christening, and she stumbled against the baptismal font, making the baby cry. Now she tries to apologise for those times, but it seems that Joan is happy that her brother has moved and is not with her any more.

When she steps into Tara’s room, the woman is unresponsive. She is suffering from traumatic shock, which both Martha and her sister Katherine think is strange of Tara, who takes everything in her stride. They talk about an emergency landing and a derailed train, on both occasions Tara was there, and she didn’t hesitate to take a train and plane straight away. So that is why they think it is strange how much this episode has affected her.

I like the storyline about Martha, her drink problem and her relationship with Cillian. I think it is sad that she lost the man who she clearly loved for her drinking problems. Now she hasn’t had a drink for over a year, but she still resists to call herself an alcoholic. What I think Martha needs is the help of those she cares about if she wants to get over her problem completely.


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