La fuente de oro 9 – The End (Page 535-end)




What a wonderful ending!!! In my last entry I said I wouldn’t clap when Beltrán and Lele got together, but I was wrong, I did really clap. 🙂

In Madrid things go from bad to worse. In order to get the job at the perfumery, Lele needs an unemployment card, so she has to give some references, which his landlord is happy to do, and then the Falange district man has to give his seal of approval. Things seems to work out fine, but then one of the comrades of the district man is someone who uses his power with women, so he is the one who visits Lele to give him her papers. The man wants more, and when Lele turns him down, he swears she will get her due. So he keeps harassing her in the distance, following her home after she finishes work or turning up at the perfumery. At the same time this man Benito Almansa asks one of his men to investigate Lele and her life in Jerez and Seville. So Almansa learns that she took in communists in her flat in Seville and the police are after her. So the man goes around to see her and tries to use what he knows to force Lele to sleep with him. Yet, Lele refuses and shortly afterwards the police arrives and arrests her.

Lele is sent to prison where the conditions are horrendous. Months pass, and her lawyer tells her that the situation is not easy. The best possible scenario will be a twelve-year-sentence, and Lele feels her world collapse, thinking all those hours, days, weeks, months and days locked away there. The lawyer tries to help her and keeps asking her if there is someone who can help her. It is then that she mentions Beltrán, and the lawyer calls him.

Beltrán rushes to Madrid, but he is not allowed to see her. The lawyer thinks that the situation is not easy for Lele, and then Beltrán remembers Isabelino Ruiz, the man from Acción Nacional who Beltrán never refused to give funds to for the party. So he makes an appointment, and Isabelino tells him that it is not going to be easy. Then Isabelino says that this favour is going to cost him dear, and without even thinking about it twice, Beltrán says he will do anything. So Isabelino tells him that he will sort out Lele’s release in exchange for Beltrán’s winery. For a moment Beltrán keeps thinking about his company, which is his whole life, his efforts to keep it afloat, his love for it. Yet, at once he knows that Lele means much more than what he usually calls his fountain of gold, and then reflects that once Lele is out, they will find a small house to live with his two daughters. So he instantly tells Isabelino that he will sign the deeds of the winery over to him as soon as Lele is free, and then he changes his mind and says he will sign them over even today. Then Isabelino laughs and tells him that that thing about the winery has been a joke, and he will do his best to get Lele released.

And he does. Lele is told to go, and when she steps out of the prison, the first thing he sees is Beltrán. She thinks his image is a mirage, and illusion, so she closes her eyes, but then when she reopens them, he is still there. As Beltrán starts walking to her, she starts sobbing, and he comforts her as she walks her to the car. Even in the car Lele can’t stop crying, and as they leave Madrid behind, he tells her they are going back to Jerez. Lele asks , ” To your fountain of gold”, and he finally says, “My fountain of gold is you.” That was really romantic, and I think the author managed to redeem Bertrán to my eyes. I think for the first time Beltrán did think of someone else rather than himself, and the fact that he was ready to lose his winery for Lele was really something!!!


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