La fuente de oro 4 (Page 136-176)


Now that Beltrán is the chairman of the company, he wants to make changes.

Yet, he finds that it is not easy, as he has the opposition of his uncle Jaime de la Cueva, who is a weakling, his cousin and Jaime de la Cueva’s son, who won’t oppose his father, and Luis de Hinojosa, his aunt’s husband, who seems to have something against Beltrán. So when Beltran proposes to extend their production by buying some other wineries and therefore, asking for a loan to the bank, only his cousin Juan Obertos supports him, so he has to discard his plans.

As for Lele, she is still seeing Antonio, and they are now a couple. Now that she has been a victim of an injustice and also sees some unfair treatments to the other women who work with her in the bottling plant, she decides to accompany Antonio to another meeting of the bricklayers’ union. When she hears the speeches, she even applauds shyly, but she is still conflicted. She knows that it is unfair for wealthy men to treat employees and labourers so harshly and unfairly. Yet, she doesn’t believe in violence as the way to sort out things, and she doesn’t like how Antonio and his comrades claim against church and God.

Lele is also torn because even though she feels very fond of Antonio and likes him, she also wonders if this is romantic love because she had believed that the feeling should be stronger. And what she feels for Antonio is milder. Yet, Antonio is clearly passionate about her, and then he demands she confess her love for him and promise she will never leave him. Lele does so reluctantly, and I think this is a very dangerous promise, and I have the hunch that these words will come back to haunt Lele in the long run.


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