New Book – La fuente de oro by Juan Pedro Cosano (Pages 1- 23)


Publishing year: 2016

This is another book by Juan Pedro Cosano, but this one is not about D Pedro de Alemán, and doesn’t happen in the eighteenth century, but in the 1930s.

I have only just started this book. The first chapter is set in Septiembre, 1929. We are introduced to Beltrán de la Cueva, a 22-year-old handsome man, who comes to see his cousin Maravillas Obertos. While he is waiting for her, he picks up the photograph in which he sees himself and all his cousins. In the photograph Beltrán was fifteen, and his cousin Maravillas was twenty and was engaged to a man she didn’t love or know. When he was playing hide-and-sick with his other cousins, Maravillas surprised him by appearing next to him in his hiding place. Then after asking him how old he was, Maravillas started kissing him, and even though Beltrán resisted, he finally succumbed, and from that day on they have had an on-off sexual relationship.

Mara turns up, all elegant and blonde, and she complains he hasn’t come to see her in a long time. Beltrán lives in Madrid, a life he enjoys as he finds Jerez boring. Beltrán shows her a letter that worries him. It is not the only letter he has received, and we can imagine that what the letter says has something to do with Beltrán and Mara’s secret relationship, but whoever wrote the letter doesn’t demand anything, but Beltrán asks Mara if what the letter says is true, and she says it isn’t. I have the hunch that maybe the letter implies that Mara’s children are actually Beltrán’s. Then after the business is over, Mara approaches Beltrán, and once again he tries to resist, but Mara is too insistent and they end up having sex.

A very strong and very intriguing start!!!


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