Las monedas de los 24- 6 (Pages 365-409)



After his visit to Fray Gerónimo de Estrada, Pedro is caught in the rain, and the following day he realises he has a cold, sneezing and feverish. His temperature is high, so he can hardly stay awake, and he feels overwhelmed by nightmares. At some point he wakes to find Adela and what he thinks is the mirage of Gerónimo de Estrada, but he is succumbed to sleep again. Then when he finally wakes up, he sees his wife and Gerónimo de Estrada again, and he realises he is not dreaming. To his dismay Adela tells him that he has been sleeping for two days, which means he has two days less to work on the defence of Deogracias. What Fray Estrada has come to tell him is that he has found a link with the coins, and it is that the coat of arms for the family of Consolación Perea is a dog just like the animal in two of the coins. When Pedro asks him if he knows the coat of arms of the other three 24s, the friar addresses him to go and see D Francisco de Mesa and Xinete, the canon of the cathedral.

When Pedro finally talk to the canon, they discover the secret language of the coins. Every coin has some symbol representing the coat of arms of the 24 that the murdered woman is linked to and there is also the symbol of the coat of arms of the next victim. So when they study the last coin found in the last victim, so in the end they guess that the 24 who is next targeted is D Tomas Luis de Arellano y Ponce de León who has a daughter Rosa María.

Pedro goes to talk to the man who refuses to believe him. Only when he reads a note from D Francisco de Mesa y Xinete, who asks the man to trust Pedro does D Tomas Luis agree to hear him out. Pedro asks to see Rosa María, and the young woman admits that she got a letter from her fiancé, asking her to meet him on Friday. Pedro at once thinks that this is the murderer. So after he leaves D Tomas Luis’s house, he meets Jesús and Hiniesta, and he explains his plan. Rosa María won’t go to the meeting point, but Pedro will be there as well as Jesús, and Hiniesta, albeit his protests, accepts to join them. I imagine the man will be finally caught, but who is the killer? And why is he killing all these women? I don’t think it is the gilder, Antonio Galera, so if not him, who is it? I am inclined to believe my assumptions about either D Rodrigo, the judge, or D Bernardo, the prosecutor might be in the thick of it. My best guess is D Bernardo, but I might be completely wrong.

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