Las monedas de los 24- 2 (Pages 58-74)


Pedro does his best to defend Francisco Porrua, the husband of Dionisia, the woman who was murdered.

He tries to prove that the fact that Francisco was found next to the body and covered in blood doesn’t mean the man killed his wife. Dionisia was stabbed several times with some kind of sword, but that wasn’t found in the possession of Francisco. He only had a small penknife. Pedro tries to prove that the evidence is all circumstantial and mainly suppositions. Yet, the prosecutor keeps insisting that Francisco is a cruel man, who spent all his money on booze and who beat his wife up. When both men, Pedro and D Bernabé, the prosecutor, give their final statements, Pedro can see on the face of the judge that Francisco will be condemned, and even though he believes the man is innocent, he thinks that the sentence will be based on Francisco’s many shortcomings and flaws than on real evidence. This makes Pedro depressed, and not even when he goes home to his family can he leave his low spirits behind. If Francisco is finally condemned to death and executed, it is clear that an innocent will have paid for something he didn’t do. I wonder how Pedro will find out the truth


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