Llamé al cielo y no me oyó 13 (pages 578-627)



Pedro receives the document with the sentence that the prosecutor demands for Lucia. Apart from the death sentence, the prosecutor wants Lucia to be flogged and publicly humiliated. Adela is distraught, and Pedro can’t put her fears at ease because he doesn’t know how to prove that Lucia is guilty and the Basurto brothers guilty. The only evidence they have is that one of the twins bought the poison and went to the house that night to speak with Isabel. Yet, that wouldn’t help Lucia at all because there is no evidence that links the twins with the death of Sagrario.

Pedro knows he has to do something, and something that Gaspar, Lucia’s suitor, tells him gives him a clue. According to Gaspar, in a battle it is important to get your enemy out of their hideout. So this is what Pedro intends to do.

From that moment on Pedro makes sure that some rumours reach the twins. He first visits the notary, who he accuses of lying, and explains that he knows everything about the will and the Basurtos’ involvement in the deaths. Pedro tells the man to tell the brothers. Then he talks to different people who have some link to the brothers: the prostitute that one of the twins frequents, and a few of his friends. He wants the brothers to distrust each other, and Pedro does it so well that the older twin, who is the one to inherit his uncle’s title, really believes that his brother is in cohorts with Pedro to betray him during Lucia’s trial. Pedro even sends him a letter insinuating that he and the younger brother have already talked, and the other one reads the letter and the evening ends with both brothers at each other’s throats. Things come to a head when Jeronimo Hiniesta tells the younger brother that he has information that his twin and Pedro de Alemán have arranged to meet in the house of Justice. So the young man rushes to the place, and he sees Pedro there where his brother has a meeting, confirming Hiniesta’s words. That doesn’t end there as on leaving the place, Pedro approaches the younger brother, stretches his hand, and starts telling him about some laws with a smile on his face, leaving the young man stupefied. Yet, at that moment his brother is watching the scene, which to his sight shows his brother and Pedro de Alemán talking, thus confirming what he had been told.

How clever Pedro is. I can’t wait to see how the trial is going to unfold and what the brothers are going to do when they testify. I imagine that they will accuse each other, so how will Pedro find out who tells the truth and who lies.


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