Llamé al cielo y no me oyó 12 (pages 555-578)



Now Pedro knows everything. After finding the apothecary, he confirms that one of the Basurto brothers bought mercury chloride under the pretence that it was going to be used to get rid of ringworm in the cattle. Then Pedro finds Remedios, the cook, who completes the gaps in the story. She reveals that Isabel had a baby girl and the father of the child was D Juan Bautista, and then since Isabel couldn’t keep the child, she left it in the hospital. Remedios also tells him about Isabel watching the procession of the hospital orphans every Sunday.

Pedro is shocked by the revelations, and when he tells Adela, she is also astonished. Pedro thinks that the key to the mystery is in D Juan Bautista’s will, but there is no way he can’t access it. Then Adela comes up with a possible solution. Pedro could talk to the witnesses when the will was signed, and that is what Pedro does. He finds the names of the witnesses from Marino, the butler. One witness is dead, but the other one is D Juan Vargas-Machuca, a cousin of the late Lorenzo Vargas-Machuca, who was Pedro’s client at one time and who Lucia previously worked for. D Juan tells him the conditions of the will, and then it is clear. The two Basurto brothers killed both Rosario and Isabel because they had information which put their hopes to inherit their uncle’s money at risk. Pedro feels sad that these two men’s greed and ambition have reached as far as to kill two poor women and incarcerate another one.

What now concerns me is how Pedro is going to prove who killed the two women. It is obvious that the two brothers are involved, but only one murdered the women, and so far nobody can tell the two brothers apart. So how is Pedro going to discover who is the killer? Both of them deserve their punishment, but one is the murderer. I just hope that this fact won’t prevent justice to deliver.


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