Llamé al cielo y no me oyó 10 (pages 457-503)



The next part of the book concerns the trial of the Marquis of Gibalbín. D Raimundo is accused of beating up Juan Jesús and of being involved in smuggling. Pedro uses all his intelligence and passion to prove that Juan Jesús was beaten to a pulp by the Marquis and his servants. D Raimundo, though, claims that Juan Jesús attacked him and he was simply defended himself. Pedro finds it difficult to knock down his arrogance and lies. However, when it is the turn of the servants, Pedro manages to prove that their testimony is false. First, they claim Juan Jesús attacked them, but they were on the carriage, and the double hood of the carriage was up, so it was crazy to think that Juan Jesús could attack him. Then they claim that Juan Jesus stopped the horse, by grabbing the horse harness, and Pedro questions how then  Juan Jesús could have the stout stick they all claim he had. After that Pedro asks them how come they had the cattle branding iron and the taper with them, but they don’t know how to answer that. What Pedro finds it difficult to prove is the Marquis’s involvement in the smuggling business. Both the Marquis and his partner, the baron of Macharnudo deny seeing the notebook before.

After the two lawyers’ statements Pedro is not sure if he will win the case as D Luis’s speech has been magnificent as well. Then the judge surprises and shocks Pedro when he declines to pass sentence, and transfers the case to the court of Granada. Pedro protests, but there is nothing he can do. Once again the Marquis has won.


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