Llamé al cielo y no me oyó 9 (pages 400-457)



I am so disappointed in Pedro. When he travels to Seville for an appeal, he strays, and with his brain addled with alcohol, he sleeps with a prostitute. Naturally, the next day he is bitter and feels like scum. He almost acts like an automaton at the trial as he can’t stop thinking about what he has done against his wife and daughter.

When he returns to Jerez, he has every intention to confess his sin and hopes for Adela’s forgiveness. When he gets to his house, he even feels worse when Adela welcomes her with hugs and kisses. She takes him to the bedroom, but Pedro knows he has to tell him. That is his intention, but he doesn’t have to utter a single word. Adela guesses, and in his eyes she sees bitterness and repentance in his eyes. Adela sees the shadows of the man Pedro was when she met him, and she tells herself that it doesn’t matter what Pedro has done, he is still her husband, hers, and nobody else’s, and she loves him with all her heart. So she stops her from spilling the words of his confession, and she says that there is nothing to talk about. I think that at that moment Pedro learns what a generous and great woman his wife is, and I have the sensation that he falls in love with her all over again.

Pedro is frustrated that he still doesn’t have any information about the murder of Sagrario. That Sunday he finally talks to Benita, the other nurse. When he asks her about Isabel Ruiz Vela, the woman remembers the day the woman came asking after Sagrario. The two women talk for a few minutes, then Sagrario talked to the doctor before going out. Pedro asks to see the doctor, and the physician tells Pedro that what Sagrario wanted to know is the address of D César Márquez, the notary.

That is the next stop for Pedro. His visit makes D César very nervous and afraid, and he lies through his teeth. He claims that he doesn’t know anybody called Sagrario and nobody by that name came to see him. When Pedro asks him about Isabel Ruiz Vela, the man says that the name rings a bell, but he doesn’t remember where he heard the name. The man lies and lies, and Pedro knows, but what he doesn’t know is why he needs to lie.

Then Gaspar, Lucia’s suitor, goes to find Pedro. The young man has found out who Isabel Ruiz Vela is, so he tells Pedro about Isabel being a servant in D Juan Bautista’s household, but the strange thing is that she died the same night that Sagrario was murdered. When they reconvene later in the day with Adela and Jeronimo Hiniesta, the four of them think that Isabel’s death is really suspicious, and even though Gaspar has been told that  the woman died a natural death, they all agree it is very suspicious. So Pedro asks Gaspar to talk to the authorities and try to find the other servants who could tell him if a doctor tended to Isabel. Jeronimo will try to find out more about the notary as Pedro thinks that there is a reason why he is lying, and Pedro will try to find out about D Juan Bautista’s will.

I am glad that Pedro is in the right path to find out the truth. I really hope that the two wicked siblings and the notary get their well-deserved punishments.


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