Llamé al cielo y no me oyó 8 (pages 366-400)



Oh God!!! What horrible men! I knew that Sagrario was going to be killed, but I didn’t expect Isabel to die as well. One of the brothers get to the house of D Juan Bautista. He sends for Isabel, and asks the butler to bring two cups of hot chocolate. While the butler calls Isabel, the man pours some powder to the chocolate for Isabel. Then when the woman turns up, he tells her about the possibility of a job in their household as she drinks the chocolate. Once he is gone, Isabel returns to her room, and it is in the middle of the night when she feels terrible stomachaches, and she starts vomiting terribly, not only blood but also stools. As she is dying, Isabel realises that she has been poisoned with the chocolate she drank the night before, but there is nothing she can do about it.

Another maid finds Isabel, and the butler D Marino sends for the doctor. The physician finds the scene strange, and I think he is suspicious that Isabel might have been poisoned. He takes a sample of the green viscous substance that came from Isabel’s nostrils.

That same night one of the twins goes to the hospital, and Sagrario receives him. When the man tells her that he wants to talk about Lucia, Sagratio lets him in and escorts him to a room. There the man stabs her in the stomach several times and leaves her on the floor.

As luck will have it, Lucia decides to see Sagrario that morning. The previous week she and Sagrario had a row because the older woman had her misgivings about Gaspar, Lucia’s suitor. Now Lucia regrets her reaction and rushes to see Sagrario. She finds the door of the hospital ajar, and then when she gets inside, she finds Rosario in her room in a pool of blood. The woman is not dead yet, and tries to speak, but she has no energy and shortly afterwards dies. Desperate, Lucia is sobbing as she tries to unstuck the dagger from her stomach, and that is how Benita Ruiz finds her: kneeling before Sagrario, covered in blood, and with the dagger in her hand. So she calls the guards.

Meanwhile, Adela is very worried about Lucia. She had left the house on Saturday morning and hasn’t returned. All night long Adela is unable to fall asleep, so early on Sunday she wakes Pedro and asks her to find Lucía. Pedro obeys reluctantly, and when he reaches the hospital of blood, he fears something is going on. There are a couple of guards posted at the door, and he finds one of the nasty marshals, who tells him about Sagrario’s murder and Lucia’s arrest.

Without wasting a second, Pedro goes to the prison and talks to Lucia. The girl is very upset about her surrogate mother’s death, and she recounts what happened when she arrived in the hospital. The only thing that Pedro thinks is meaningful is that Sagrario managed to say two names: Isabel Ruiz Vela and the lord of Majarromaque. Lucia says that this is not the first time Sagrario mentioned those names; when she was ill a few years ago, she also spoke in her sleep and those were the same names that were mentioned. Now Pedro has a long way to go to save Lucia. I am curious to know how he is going to find out the facts, and I hope that the two nasty twins get the punishment they deserve.


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