Llamé al cielo y no me oyó 7 (pages 331-366)



I knew it!!! I was pretty sure that the notary is nothing but a racketeer. Instead of following the instructions of the man who hired him, he connives with D Juan Bautista’s nephews to resort to legal tricks to prevent the legal heir to get what they deserve. These three men are despicable, but this is not the worst, and as I feared from the first I knew there was danger behind that will.

Isabel knows about the will because D Juan Bautista had told her that he had made their child his universal heir. Yet, as the days go by and she doesn’t hear anything about the will and the nephews act as if they were the real heirs, she is concerned about what to do. She wants her daughter to have what she deserves as D Juan Bautista’s heir, but she doesn’t know who to talk to. So she decides to go and see Sagrario.

Sagrario is now an old woman in her sixties, and when Isabel tells her about the will, the woman determines to go to see the notary herself. So she doesn’t hesitate and the following day she drops by D Cesar’s office. At first she is told she can’t see D Cesar, but as soon as she says the matter she wants to talk about is D Juan Bautista’s will, D Cesar agrees to see her. Sagrario tells him about Lucia and how she is the natural daughter of D Juan Bautista. Since the man expects to lay his hands on a good chunk of money from the man’s nephews, he tries to put her off, telling her that some procedures will be necessary to prove if Lucia is D Juan Bautista’s daughter. The woman gives him a week to sort out whatever the man has to do. Otherwise, she will report him to the authorities.

D Cesar realises that his hopes to be saved from bankruptcy are gone. So he goes to see D Juan Bautista’s nephews and tells them about Sagrario, the nurse of the Hospital of Blood, and Lucia, D Juan Bautista’s natural daughter. They discuss several options, but none is possible. The two young men show a terrible fury, and for one moment D Cesar fears they are considering violence, and when he mentions this, the two brothers laugh it off. Yet, when the notary is gone, it is clear that the two brothers intend to use more than violence. They want to kill Sagrario, and I imagine this is the old woman who lay dead in the prologue. This means that one of the brothers will kill the woman, but who is the young woman who finds Sagrario and is later apprehended? Is it Lucia who finds her and is framed for the crime? Since I know that Pedro will get involved in the crime, I hope he manages to deliver justice, and those two brothers get their comeuppance.


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