Llamé al cielo y no me oyó 6 (pages 247-331)


Pedro is determined to get his retaliation on the Marquis of Gibalbín.

I understand he doesn’t want this man to be scot-free as if he were above the law. It is his friend, the proctor, who in a visit to a notary notices that the Marquis of Gibalbín is in some legal matter. The Marquis has a slave, María Pérez, who wishes to marry a freed Slave, Juan Jesús, but the Marquis forbids the marriage under penalty of torture and branding. Pedro decides to defend this woman, and he makes his request to an ecclesiastical court, and the court rules that the woman should leave the house of the Marquis to avoid any reprisals. Prior to this hearing, Pedro had talked to Bartolomé Gutierrez, asking him to take in the girl, who could help his wife Dª Amparo in exchange for food and a bed. So this is where María Pérez goes.

As we knew, the Marquis wouldn’t stay put. So we learn soon that when he is unable to get to Maria, he goes after Maria’s boyfriend, Juan Jesus, who he beats to a pulp and brands his face with his initial. When his friend and partner in crime, Felipe Luis López-Ursino, Baron of Macharnudo, tells him that Juan Jesus is a freed slave and what D Raimundo has done is considered a crime. Then D Pedro gets the resolution to the matter of María Perez, in which the Marquis acquiesces to her marriage and even grants her her freedom. Pedro is wary and feels there is something behind this. Soon he realises that this is the way the Marquis has to make it up for beating up a free man. Pedro goes to see Juan Jesús and persuades him to report the Marquis. I understand that Pedro wants justice above anything else, and he feels guilty for what has happened to Juan Jesús, but I think he is also blinded by his fury and thirst for vengeance. I am really afraid what the Marquis can do when he feels cornered. This man won’t stop at anything, and Pedro has a wife and a very young daughter to think of, but it is admirable that he wants to defend the law before anything else.

As for the plot line about Lucía de Jesús, we learn that d Juan Bautista, the lord of Majarromaque, dies, and his two nephews already think they are their uncle’s universal heirs. They even talk to the servants about their intention to sell the house, which in reality doesn’t belong to them. Now they find the new will, and when they find that the person who their uncle has left most of his patrimony to is the child he had by Isabel Ruiz Vela. I have a hunch that this will bring problems for both Isabel and Lucía, and these men, who are greedy and indolent, will do anything to get what they thinks is theirs by law. And I think the notary D Cesar Marquez is not the most honest person, and he will do anything if he is given a good sum of money.


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