Llamé al cielo y no me oyó 3 (pages 79-86)


An event that takes place in Jerez means a turning point for Pedro de Alemán.

On November 1, 1755 the Lisbon earthquake reaches Jerez, leaving many buildings damaged. Pedro is at home with Adela and Merceditas when they feel the earthquake. When the shakes finish, to their dismay they see their humble house has been left almost inhabitable. It is clear that they can’t stay there. Moving from Cruces St was something that Adela has wanted to do for a long time, but Pedro keeps insisting that he has not the wherewithal for another place and he refuses to use Adela’s dowry, claiming this is money for Merceditas and the future children they have. Yet, as the house is damaged after the earthquake, Pedro has no other option but to acquiesce. Adela and Merceditas move to Corredera Street, where Adela’s parents live, and mother and daughter stay in the ample room she slept in while single. Pedro remains in the house in Cruces Street as there are a couple of rooms that have been saved. Yet, when a rafter falls in the kitchen, barely missing him, Pedro starts to find a place to live in. It is not his fear for his life what moves him, but his longing for his wife and his daughter. So after D Luis de Salazar finally pays him, he rents a house in Gloria Street where many prestigious lawyers have their dwellings, which is where Adela wanted to move.


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