El abogado de pobres 10 (Pages 426-451 )



Pedro and his relative D Francisco Camacho are shocked to discover the fake paintings in the Capuchin convent. When they talk to the abbot and ask him about any peculiar events, he tells them about a robbery attempt but the guards came to check the place. The head marshal D Florian was there and asked the monks to remain in their cells while he and his men searched the whole place. Pedro realises that all pieces start to fall into place. His client had previously told him he had seen D Florian and the Marquis of Gibalbín leaving the house where Ignacio de Alarcón, the painter, had his lodgings. Pedro thinks that D Florián and the marquis were involved in this business to sell the original paintings to some collector, and then Jacinto somehow learnt the secret, which resulted in his death. Pedro and D Francisco also visit St Dionisio and St Miguel, and they find that the two paintings by Zurbarán are also copies. Now Pedro has a lead to follow, and D Francisco advises him to be careful as the men he has to face are powerful, and he might put his life at risk.

Later Pedro and his friend Jeronimo Hiniesta are having lunch in an inn, and Pedro tells him about his suspicions. They don’t realise that in a nearby table is Matilde, D Alejo’s mistress, and her boyfriend. Matilde has been quite depressed lately as she feels horrible for the things she is forced to do with D Alejo, and she doesn’t see a way out. When she overhears the conversation between Pedro and Hiniesta, she thinks this matter coudl be her liberation. She asks one of the waitresses who the men at the nearby table are, and she tells her that one of them is D Pedro de Alemán, the lawyer for the poor.

The next day Matilde goes to see Pedro, and she tells him everything about D Alejo, their relationship, and what the priest has told her about the paintings and the British buyers. Pedro realises this is the testimony he needs, and the girl agrees to testify as long as Pedro protects her. Pedro understands that Matilde is in danger now, so he asks her to move from her present address, and she thinks she could move to her boyfriend Anton’s house if his parents have the room for her.

The trial is going to be interested as Pedro is calling D Florián, the head marshal, D Raimundo, the Marquis of Gibalbín, and D Alejo, the priest, as witnesses. These three men are not stupid, and at least D Raimundo, who is aware who the real culprit is, is going to be very nervous to be summoned to testify at the trial for the death of Jacinto.


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