El abogado de pobres 8 (Pages 296-318 )



Pedro proves to be a great lawyer, and manages to knock down all the evidence and testimonies against Dª Adela. The judge and everybody in court learns what D Juan did. The man has got into debt, and his intention was to marry his lover Esperanza Rendón. Yet, divorce would mean to return the dowry to his wife, so since the law stated that in case of divorce, the husband could keep the dowry if the wife were to be guilty of a crime and therefore in jail or exile. So the man bought the testimonies of the maid and his butler, and then he used his administrator to write the amorous letters that D Juan claimed to have found in his wife’s drawer.

Dª Adela is acquitted, but the situation she is left in is not easy. Pedro tells him that her husband is deep in debt, and if she were to report and divorce him, the man wouldn’t be able to give her back her dowry, and the situation would even be worse for her and the children, as they would lose everything. So Pedro suggests a plan, and that day he goes to see Juan to put forward the arrangements. Dª Adela will move to the house she and her husband have in Corredera Street, and she will not divorce him. Yet, they won’t share the bedroom, and D Juan will have to finance all her expenses. The vineyard will be sold, and that way he could pay his wife the money of her dowry in instalments. Dª Adela should be kept updated regularly on the state of their finances. So as soon as Dª Adela moves back to the house, D Juan needs to go and stay on the ground floor while his wife and children will occupy the first floor, which the man is banned from using. D Juan is outraged and angry about all these conditions, but he knows there is nothing else to do, but acquiesce. And finally Pedro tells him about his walks with Adela and asks his permission to court her. The man reacts angrily as well, and reminds Pedro that Adela is engaged to be married. Yet, Pedro points out that when the man whose son Adela is engaged to hears about the state of D Juan’s finances and the scandal of the last months, he will surely end the engagement. D Juan’s only response is to order Pedro to go away, and he goes happily realising that this was his way of giving his permission. I am really glad that Pedro and Adela are going to have their romance.


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