El abogado de pobres 6 (Pages 178-196 )



We finally learn what the letter of the prologue is about and why Jacinto was able to blackmail one of the men he heard talking in the collegiate church. Francis Jameson, the man who wrote the letter, finally visits. He is accompanied by Stephen St Cross, an expert in art. They arrive in Cadiz, and are taken to the house of Raimundo José Astorga, Marquis of Gibalbín. This is the man who Jacinto blackmailed. Later at dinner time there are three more men who are involved in the business. There is Florián Alvarado, head of the marshals, Alejo Suárez de Toledo, a priest in St Miguel Church who is in charge of the accounts, and Ignacio de Alarcón, an art restorer.

After dinner, the six men get down to business. D Raimundo uncovers a painting which Stephen St Cross examines. It is a painting of Christ’s holy face by Francisco Zurbarán. Jameson’s client, John Blackwood, has arranged to pay a big sum of money for six paintings by Zurbaran, which D Raimundo assures will be ready before the holy week. The priest, D Alejo Suárez, hands over the documents that guarantee the painting’s authenticity. When the English men turn in, the four Spaniards talk. We understand that D Alejo stole the painting from his church, and Ignacio de Alarcón painted a copy, which now hangs on the walls of the church. D Alejo also stole two of the documents, and the third document is a fake. So this is the way they are going to proceed with the rest of the paintings. And this is what Jacinto heard in the collegiate church.


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