El abogado de pobres 5 (Pages 110-178)


There is a new case for D Pedro.

A young woman and her younger brother come to see him. At once Pedro feels drawn to the beautiful woman, Adela. Then Adela explains that she needs his help as her mother has been arrested and sent to jail for adultery after Adela’s father accused her. The young woman sends her brother to the toilet, and when she is alone with Pedro, she admits she doesn’t have money to pay his fees. Then when she mentions that Catalina, Saturnino’s wife, is the one who recommended him. So Pedro understands what Adela is saying, and since he is so attracted to her, he approaches, kisses and touches her, but when he notices her unresponding lips and flesh, he realizes what he is doing. So he reacts, shouting and urging her to go.

Pedro goes to see Adela’s mother, whose name is also Adela. The woman swears that she is innocent and has never been unfaithful. What Pedro finds strange is that her husband, Juan Navas, a wine-producer, could have proceed in a different way. He could have got a divorce and sent his wife to a convent, which is the usual thing to do. Instead, his accusation is bringing shame to himself. Pedro thinks that there is a reason why he is doing that, and he plans to go and see the wine-producer to find out the truth.

As for Jacinto Jimenez, when he discovers that he has spent the money from the blackmail, he is furious with himself. I find him quite disagreeable. The way he treats his wife is hideous. Then as there is no wine in his house, he returns to the church to steal the wine for the holy mass. Unluckily for him, he is caught this time. The groom working for the canon, Diego González remembers that the place where has left his book with the accounts of the orphanage he helps the canon with is the church, so he decides to go and retrieve it. When he turns up in the church, Jacinto is drunk, and when he hears the noise, he gets startled, and drunk as he is, he throws several objects from the church and even breaks his nose. Diego realises that the sexton is there to steal the wine, and he is adamant: he is going to tell D Francisco, the canon. So he does so the following day, and D Francisco swears this is the last time he will forgive something to Jacinto as this isn’t the first time he has been in trouble. D Francisco upbraids Jacinto, and he tells him that he will have to pay for the objects he damaged the night before even if it will have to be deducted from his wages.

We have met one of Jacinto’s sons, José, and he is the one who sees his father with his bleeding nose. Jacinto tells him some concocted story about Diego trying to rob him, and even though Jose knows that his father is likely to be lying, he doesn’t argue with him. Then there is a line about this encounter being a turning point. I don’t know what will happen to Jacinto and what this business with Diego will mean. So I’m quite intrigued to see where this will take us.


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