El abogado de pobres 4 (Pages 85-110)


D Pedro feels torn between his very extreme actions.

He follows the steps of two men: his father, who was an honest lawyer who helped those in need but died impoverished and in debt or Antonio de la Fuente, the lawyer who he worked for as a trainee and who never doubted to use illegal tricks to get what he wanted, and his method got him the riches. This is the reason why D Pedro has so many contradictions. He wants to follow his father’s steps, but he doesn’t want to live in poverty and debt.

His next case comes from a tenant farmer, Juan Ramírez. He has been accused of shooting at the door of his lord and leaving a threatening note. The man is a suspect as he had been unhappy about the new terms of the tenancy and has refused to sign. The guards don’t find a shotgun on the property, and Juan Ramírez explains he can’t read or write, so he couldn’t have written the note. The guards can’t arrest him as they haven’t found the evidence they thought they could find. The following day D Pedro goes to see the lord D Diego López, who receives him with his administrator. D Pedro explains what happened the previous night, and then he proceeds to tell him about the conditions that have changed in the tenancy contract. D Diego reacts in shock as this is the first he has heard of the new conditions, and it is clear that his administrator Torres is to blame. In the end D Diego agrees to leave the same conditions for the tenancy and even pays the lawyer’s fees. When D Pedro tells Juan Ramírez, he is so grateful that the next day Pedro gets a cart full of baskets with the produce from the farm, and he admits that in that month he has eaten better than ever.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that there had been some developments in the case of Jacinto Jiménez. The sexton finally talks to one of the men he heard in the collegiate church. The man is powerful and rich, and Jacinto hesitates but finally tells him what he heard and what he wants. So the following day a man leaves a bag with the requested amount in his house. I think Jacinto is getting into some dangerous situation, and I’m afraid this won’t have a positive conclusion.


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