The Castaways 5 – The End (Pages 289 – end)




The end shows us all the secrets in the open.

Phoebe tells the Chief in the cocktail party she organized that she gave Tess one of her pills, those who she got illegally. That is why the toxicology test found traces of opiates in Tess’s blood. Phoebe feels guilty because she thinks she caused their deaths. The scenario she imagines is that Tess must have been so groggy after taking the pill that she must have stumbled and fall into the sea. The Chief tells her that it is not her fault. The boat capsized, and Tess was the one who decided to take the pill.

The Chief also finds out that night that Addison was the one having an affair with Tess. Addison admits to Andrea that they had been seeing each other for months, and that was why Andrea thought that Tess had changed. It was the affair that had changed her, and not like Andrea had thought, her. Addison says he loved her and wanted her to leave her husband, but he knew that Tess would never have done that.

It is the following day in the office when she discovers that Phoebe knew about the affair all alone. His secretary tells him that she managed to sell the cottage thanks to some friends of Phoebe’s. Addison argues that Phoebe doesn’t know about the cottage, but the secretary tells him that she does. One day she had turned up at the office, and the secretary Mirabel had told her where Addison was, in the cottage, and she had the impression that Phoebe had gone there to find him. Addison doesn’t know what to think of this. The night before he and his wife had made love for the first time in months, and he was feeling great. He thinks that unloading his secret had lifted a weight off his shoulders, and now he felt unable to cope with Tess’s death. Then when she goes to retrieve Tess’s phone from his drawer, he finds an envelope in Tess’s handwriting. In he letter she tells him that she is going back with Greg and the children, but one part of her heart will always be with him. Addison is confused. How the letter came to be in his drawer now? Mirabel explains that she found it when she was showing the cottage, and she put it there. I think this is the closure Addison needed, and it also ends some of his suspicions about Greg.

Greg’s secret is also clarified. April comes to see the Chief. She confesses that it was true she made up the story about Greg behaving improperly with her that night. Greg forgave her for reporting him, and April says that she was in love with him and wanted more, but Greg was only a friend. Nothing ever happened, which I have to say I’m surprised about. The night before his death, they met and Greg kept repeating that he loved his wife and couldn’t be with anyone else. That doesn’t exonerate in my view. Maybe he believed he was in love with Tess, but he had no problem in meeting this young girl alone at night. A responsible teacher wouldn’t have agreed to do this because the mere fact is suspicions in itself. Besides, he also flirted with Delilah shamelessly, and if she had let him carry away, they would have had an affair. Maybe after almost losing Tess, he was afraid and was cleaning his act. He was no saint, that’s for sure.

Then Delilah does the most bizarre thing of all. She takes the children inland to see a film, not only her sons but also the twins. She had decided that Nantucket was killing her, so she decided to leave. So with the excuse of the film, she travels to the main land, and after the film is over, she doesn’t return home, but keeps driving. She has not even decided where to go, but then she thinks she could return to her hometown where her parents still live. Delilah hasn’t thought things through, and the problems start right away. Her younger son Barney is sick in the car after all the junk food Delilah has allowed the children to eat. So she has to stop and find a hotel. Barney is really sick, and then Finn also starts feeling unwell and vomits. She gets a hotel room, but the situation is stressful, looking after four children, two of whom are sick.

The following day Barney and Finn are good, so she decides to continue their trip. She goes to reception to settle the bill, and when she returns to the room, the children are gone. She desperately looks everywhere in the hotel, calling them urgently, but they are nowhere to be find. After ten minutes of frantic search, she finally finds them in the playground. It is the desperate feeling she has just experienced that she realizes it is exactly how Jeffrey, Andrea, and the Chief must be feeling after her flit. So she decides she can’t escape, so she calls Jeffrey immediately, and he is waiting for her at the dock as the ferry arrives in Nantucket.

The epilogue shows the friends as the protected trail Phoebe had paid for in homage of Tess and Greg is opened. They are together again, and Phoebe and Addison are now the proud parents of a baby, who they have called Reed, after Phoebe’s late twin brother. It was an uplifting end.


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