El abogado de pobres 3 (Pages 52-85)


In September the trial for Saturnino takes place.

D Pedro does a great job defending him. Saturnino explains what happened that day when he stopped as he heard some cries. A young woman was being attacked by the marshal, and he simply stood there in silence. It was then when the marshal turned to him and stole his bag and knife. The marshal’s testimony is naturally quite different, but D Pedro’s questions make him hesitate and contradict himself. When some other marshals are summoned, they are caught in contradictions. Then D Pedro summons two witnesses. One is a neighbour who swears Saturnino is a hard-working man who hardly drank, which contradicted the accusation of drunkenness. The next witness is key to the trial. It is Trinidad Montoya, the fourteen-year-old girl who the marshal tried to assault. Trinidad is very nervous and upset, and she confirms Saturnino’s testimony, and then she explains that night Saturnino’s presence thwarted the marshal’s intentions. However, unluckily, she came across the marshal again, and this time he attacked and raped her. After the girl’s testimony D Pedro makes his appeal with a wonderful speech. In the end the judge acquits Saturnino, and he issues an order for the marshal’s arrest.

That was a good chapter, and I love D Pedro in his role as a lawyer. Now we know what he means about his being very good.





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