The Castaways 3 (Pages 94-123)


Little revelations are disclosed gradually.

At the funeral Andrea asks Jeffrey to talk to April Peck and forbid her from going to the reception. April doesn’t take Jeffrey’s words well, and she tells him something that could shatter what Greg had denied all these months. April claims that the night before Greg and Tess died, April spent the night with Greg. Will Jeffrey now say anything? Does this revelation have anything to do with their deaths? Maybe Greg finally told her the truth about him and April, and the row that followed triggered violence and they ended up going overboard.

Another thing that we know is that in the restaurant where Dalilah works and Greg used to sing and play a few nights a week, something happened the night before the tragic events. Did something happen between Greg and Dalilah? Did Greg’s flirting get a bit off-hand? What we know is that Delilah doesn’t want to think about night, and I wonder why.

Speaking of Delilah, she comes to Andrea with the idea that the twins spend the summer with her and Jeffrey. Her children are of similar ages, so it’ll be nice for Finn and Chloe to have fun with their friends. Yet, Andrea is categorical in her refusal, and she keeps insisting that the children need to be with their family, which is her and the Chief. In that moment, Delilah is honest with herself for the first time and admits she hates Andrea, and has always done. I think that deep down Delilah is jealous of Andrea, and I think she knows that despite the years, her husband still has feelings for Andrea, his ex-girlfriend.

Then we learn how the affair between Addison and Tess started. It was in Vermont where the eight friends had gone together. Addison couldn’t ski, so he stayed behind while the others excitedly left to have a go on the slopes. Tess had also stayed, so they spent the day together. They went to the gym, and then they had lunch together in the town. This gave them the chance to talk, and for the first time Addison opened to someone about Phoebe and her addiction to drugs, and Tess listened to him, and he felt better than in a long time. So at the end of the lunch as they stood under the restaurant awning, Addison kissed her, and she kissed him back. And that was the beginning of their liaison.



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