The Castaways 2 (Pages 19-94)


The deaths of Greg and Tess have not left anyone indifferent.

It seems that there is more there than meets the eye. The Chief is leading the investigation. He finds lots of calls to and from Addison, which he finds strange, but feeling awkward he doesn’t search the phone for texts. That was his missing opportunity because when all the friends meet at Jeffrey’s house, Addison finds the bag with Greg and Tess’s belonging and takes the phone. The Chief also instructs to get a narcotic test done on the bodies, and when the results come out, he learns that both Greg and Tess had drunk, but the test had found opiates in Tess’s blood, meaning she had used heroine. The Chief can’t believe that knowing as he knew Tess, she would use heroine. There is the strange fact that they were trapped under the boat. Greg had a gash in his forehead, which the police thinks might have been caused when he jumped to help his wife. Tess had a bald patch on her head, and they think that Greg grabbed her from the hair trying to save her. I think there is something suspicious. Besides, Addison got a text from her which told she was afraid. Afraid of what or whom? Her husband? Addison thought it was the boat and being so close to water, as we know that when she was nine, she almost drowned. I wonder what happened on that boat which resulted in their deaths.

We also learn more about the group and their relationships. Andrea and Tess were so close that Phoebe and Delilah were forced to become best friends. Yet, everyone wanted to be Tess’s friend. She was one of those people who everybody liked. The group went to Las Vegas, and that is when Delilah came up with the name “The Castaways” as all of them had come to Nantucket, washed away from somewhere else. In Vegas something happened. When Delilah, the Chief, Greg, and Jeffrey went to see Hoover Dam, Delilah and Greg were giggling and joking like two teenagers. We know that Greg and Delilah liked to smoke dope from time to time, and they were the most flamboyant. And Delilah was surprised that when they were having dinner later, Greg, sitting by her side, dropped his fork and when he lowered to pick it up, he caressed her foot intentionally. Delilah was surprised because she had never liked Greg sexually. I wonder if something else happened between the two of them, or that moment at the dinner table was just a joke from Greg.

I think that Greg was very different from his wife. We know more about what caused the drift between Tess and him. Greg teaches music, and even though he never confirmed me, there was talk that he and one of his students April had an affair. My impression is that Greg was immature, and even Tess used to tell that Greg behaved with his own sons like a uncle than a father. So I imagine that Greg treated the world as a giant playground where to have fun. I wonder if on the boat Tess told him about her and Addison. We get the impression that Addison was in love with Tess, and they talked about fleeing and living together. Yet, Addison knew that Tess would never do that. So I imagine that Addison was Tess’s temporary buoy during the bad patch with Greg than a reality. I think Addison was more invested in their relationship than Tess was. If Tess told Greg about Addison or maybe they talked about April, what happened afterwards? Did they row and something happened that got them killed? Maybe one of them pushed the other overboard, and then seeing what they had done, they jumped to save the other, but they ended up dead?

Another interesting character is Phoebe, Addison’s wife. She is his second wife as Addison was first married to a rich woman with whom he has a teenage daughter. Phoebe used to lead a perfect life. She was attractive, careful of the calorie-intake, successful with her own business, and people admired her. Then things changed on September 11. Phoebe had a twin brother, Reed. They were as close as two people can be, and Phoebe claimed that even apart she could feel what her brother was feeling. Then the terrorist attacks took place, and Reed, who worked in one of the Twin Towers, jumped to his death, and in that moment Phoebe knew that her brother was dead. As a consequence, she had a miscarriage and lost the baby girl she was expecting. Now eight years have passed, and Phoebe is not the woman she used to be. She is in antidepressants, has lost her company, and she doesn’t care how she looks or feels. She is hooked on drugs, and even though her husband and her doctor tell her she needs to wean off the pills, Phoebe feels that they are the only thing that keeps her afloat.

Another problem that crops up is Greg and Tess’s twins. Greg hadn’t updated his will since he and Tess had the children, so there are no instructions about the children’s guardianship. Andrea clearly wants the children to live with her and the Chief, as she feels she is not only Tess’s cousin but her surrogate mother. I’m afraid things won’t be so straightforward as it seems taht Phoebe might want the children, especially as they are twins just like she and her late brother.

So interesting. I love it!!!




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