The Last Kiss Goodbye 6 (Chapters 24-26)


Blake throws a party to celebrate his engagement to Ros.

Naturally Victoria is invited, and the kindness she treated Ros with is gone, and when Blake is not around, she shows her cards. In no uncertain terms she tells Ros that she doesn’t think she is the right woman for Blake. In her opinion Ros and Blake’s friends don’t mix as she has very clear ideas about the world and Blake’s friends mostly represent the right wing’s thoughts, so Victoria guesses that Blake has taken Ros to meet his friends only a few times. She presages that Blake will never give up on his friends, but if he had to choose, he would probably stick with Ros, but that will never make him happy. It is clear that Victoria is disapproving, and I wonder if for some reason Victoria is behind Blake’s disappearance. That is quite far-fetched, but we don’t know for sure if he really died. What if someone threatened to kill Ros, and Blake was blackmailed into disappearing forever for some reason. I think that this would be too much for someone like Victoria, but what about the people he was involved with, who weren’t happy about Blake’s relationship with Ros? Did they force to choose between the life of the woman he loved and his freedom?

We read how Ros and Blake finally got to Peru, and the moment when they saw each other for the last time, that moment that the photograph portrays. Ros begs with him to stay, or at least, to take a guide with him, but Blake says it’s too late and he needs to carry on. So what happened after that last minute? I am still thinking about the conversation that Blake mentioned in the first chapter changed his life. Who was Eugene, the Russian diplomat who he talked to? If this is the key to his disappearance, that means Ros has nothing to do with it, because at the time Blake didn’t know Ros yet. So I am quite intrigued because there are so many elements in the novel, and I am sure that Blake’s disappearance was not simply a case of his getting lost and dying.


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