The Last Kiss Goodbye 3 (Chapters 7-14)


I love the parts in 1961.

Ros lives with her parents, but then they tell her that her grandmother and grandfather will need to move in soon as they need more care now. Her mother goes as far as to tell her that this is the push she needs to do something about her life. The woman says that it is high time she found herself a proper job.

What Ros does is to move with her friend, Sam, who is another member of the group. Ros thinks that she and Sam will have time to enjoy themselves, but then Sam confesses she is dating Brian, the third member of the group. So in the first night in London Ros is alone, and then Dominic Blake calls. Ros sent him an article on the pill, following his job offer, and he calls now to say he likes the article, and the next thing she knows Blake is picking her up to talk about the changes in the article. Ros is a proud woman, and she can’t accept she is attracted to someone like Blake, and she keeps hurling snappy comments, which Blake takes in his stride. When she decides to turn in, Blake escorts her back to her place. And as she sees her go, she realises she wants to see him again, and despite herself, she finds herself hinting that they could meet again, and they do that the following Sunday.

Ros and Blake keep meeting, but even though she likes him more than she is ready to admit, she realises that she has ruined her chances for romance. She keeps her distance and is always contrary and snappy. Besides that, she thinks that Blake won’t be interested in someone like her when there are other more beautiful girls who have an eye on him. When she takes her to see some of her posh right-wing friends, Ros causes a stir when she states her opinions clearly about the rights of the Amazon Indians, mentioning the article Blake wrote not long ago. After that, she doesn’t feel welcome and she leaves, and Blake insists on going too.

Ros tells him to take her to the office of her group as she has some things to do. What she actually wants is to feel sorry for herself. Then when she gets there, Brian is there, which is quite strange, and when she asks what he is doing, he gets quite nervous. Ros demands to see what he is hiding, and then he pushes her, resulting in Ros hitting her head with a desk. In that moment Blake appears, and after a confrontation, they learn that Brian was preparing a parcel bomb to send to an MP, and he defends his action as he believes that what their protests and demonstrations in the group are useless and won’t make a difference. Ros calls some friend of Blake’s, and a few minutes ago a couple of men arrive and take Brian with them. Ros is shaken after what happened, and Blake takes her to his flat where he sees to her head injury and comforts her. For once Ros lets down her defences and allows Blake to hug her, and it is in this moment that Blake confesses how much he likes her, and they finally kiss.

Back in the present day Abby is going through a rough patch. Despite the exit of the photograph exhibition, her boss tells her that the institute can’t afford to have two people doing the same job, so they are going to have to let her go. Then she meets the solicitor to divorce Nick. It is obvious she doesn’t want to divorce her husband for real, but she is too hurt, which is understandable. I don’t know if I could be with someone who had been unfaithful, as I wouldn’t be able to trust them again. However, I think that Abby is rushing things, and she hasn’t even tried to talk to Nick for real. His actions are not justifiable, but what he told her the last time they talked makes sense, and I think maybe she should admit her blame in their marital problems. If the relationship with Nick has been so good until now, shouldn’t she try to make an effort to save that?

Now it is not surprising that Elliot contacts her, and I imagine where that is leading. I don’t know if the author intends for us to root for this man, but so far I wouldn’t like Abby to hook up with him. I guess I am a romantic, and I want her to end up with the perfect Prince Charming she thought her husband was. In any case, after telling Elliot she was jobless, he offers her to be his assistant, and her first job is to find out what happened to Dominic Blake. He thinks that his death was not accidental, and there was some foul play. Elliot even thinks that Blake went to South America so much because he was involved with drugs, and maybe this business went wrong and someone wanted to settle the score. Whatever it was, Abby is excited and even though when they met Ros, she was far from amiable to Elliot for being from the press, Elliot thinks that Ros will want to find out what happened to the love of her life, and Abby agrees.

It will be interesting to find out what happened to Blake, and I imagine there is more to this man than meets the eye.


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