The Last Kiss Goodbye 2 (Chapters 3-7)


We get to know more about Nick.

He goes to find Abby when she leaves work, and she agrees to talk to him. IN her recollections we learn how they met and clicked from the first moment. They moved in together shortly afterwards, and they have been together ever since. They married after he proposed on a trip to New York and called her my forever girl. I feel sorry for this couple because they sound lovely together. I don’t condone unfaithfulness, and I can’t imagine trusting a person again when they have been unfaithful. Whenever that person had some other commitment, you would wonder if it was true or he was lying. So those people who forgive unfaithfulness surely must learn to trust again. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work. In this case, Nick confesses that lately he didn’t feel they had a marriage, as Abby was too focused on the IVF process, and he only felt like a sperm donor. We know that Abby wants him to fight for her, but when she tells him that she wants a divorce, he can’t say anything else. I really hope that Nick fights for Abby. We don’t know him very much, but from the snippets in Abby’s memories, I like him, and I hope they sort out their problems.

The day of the exhibition comes, and Abby meets the journalist covering the display, Elliot Hall. Elliot is handsome and rich as his father is a media mogul. Abby finds him extremely good-looking even if she tells herself that she doesn’t like his type of men. I don’t know much about Elliot either, but I trust Nick and Abby make up. Maybe I’ll change my mind if Elliot proves to be a good man and Abby wants to be with him. Yet, right now my cards are on Abby and Nick.

Abby has sent an invitation to Rosamund Bailey, the woman in the photograph, and she turns up. Elliot and Abby come to meet her, and the woman tells them that this was the last time he saw Elliot. Rosamund hadn’t seen the photograph before, and she is clearly feeling emotional. She also explains that this was a solo expedition for Blake, and if he had been with someone else, things could have turned out different.

The action then moves back in time. It is February 1861, and Rosamund is with a couple of friends that form some kind of action group. He is outraged by an article against immigration written by Dominic Blake. So she and her group stand outside the offices of the magazine, protesting against the article. Then Rosamund is summoned and taken to Blake’s office. Rosamund is surprised because she thought that the writer of the article would be a stiff, middle-aged man, and not an elegant, handsome one like Blake. Dominic tells her that she didn’t really read his article, and proceeds to explain that the Indians he mentions in his article are the Amazon Indians and he meant to say that these Indians should be left alone without any interference. Then after explaining that he is not really a public-school boy, but actually, he comes from a modest family, he surprises her by offering her a job to express her views of the world. Rosamund declines, and leaves without giving him a final answer, but I imagine that in the end he will accept.


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